Ruth Hart

    Character » Ruth Hart appears in 32 issues.

    A close friend and part-time lover of Richard Rory. She knew the Man-thing and Omega, the Unknown.

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    Ruth Hart is a former lover but long-term friend of Richard Rory. She was initially introduced as a former member of the Skull-Crushers , a biker gang. Ruth had been accused of embezzling funds from the gang's treasury. Thus she was on the run from her old friends. During this time, she also encountered the Man-Thing. After hanging out for a while in Florida, she headed toward New York City.


    Ruth Hart was created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik and first appeared in Man-Thing Vol.1 issue 2 (1974).

    Major Story Arcs

    New York and Omega the Unknown

    When Ruth came to New York City, she turned her life around and found employement as a nurse. She met a youg woman named Amber Grant, and the two soon became friends and roomates. Ruth worked at the hospital for some time when she eventually met a young boy named James-Michael Starling. The boy had just lost his parents in a mysterious accident. Since the boy was troubled and had nowhere to go, Ruth vollunteerd to take the boy in their house and take care of him.

    It later turned out that the boy had a strange link to a mysterious superhero known only as Omega the Unknown. Because of this, Ruth, Amber and James-Michael found themselves in trourble on a number of ocassions. After the seeming death of Omega the Unknown, Ruth encountered the superhero team known as the Defenders and stayed with them for some time, but has since not been seen.


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