Ruth Atkinson

    Person » Ruth Atkinson is credited in 47 issues.

    Artist responsible for creating Millie The Model, and Patsy Walker.

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    Originally from Canada, Ruth was raised in upstate New York and entered the comics field through Fiction House, where she was a freelancer. Her first credited work was on Wings Comics issue 45 in 1944. It featured an airplane called the Hellcat, a name that would later play a significant role in her working life. She left Fiction House some months later to work as a freelancer for Timely Comics, Marvel's predesessor. There she co-created the red-headed teen senastion Patsy Walker, whom would later be better known under the name Hellcat, one of Marvel's superheroes. Ruth's creation first appeared in Miss America issue 2 in 1944 and was so popular that she even got her own series (and a couple more a while later). Ruth penciled and inked the series for about twi years.

    While already going to fame with Patsy Walker, Ruth was not done yet, and around the same time created Millie the Model. A humor magazine about a fashion model in New York City. That series was a smash hit as well and lasted from 1945 until 1973.

    Ruth died in 1997 after a battle with cancer. Though she passed away, Ruth has left an indelible mark at Marvel and across the comics industry. Her creations have spanned Marvel's pages, establishing Ruth as one of the company's preeminent and most infuential creators, and one of it's favorite girls in comics.


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