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Raza Kattuah


Former Iranian-born archaeologist, Raza Kattuah cooperated with U.S. military forces during combat operations in Qurac until the house of Raza was not blown up by an American bomb intended for another object. Soon after, Raza has called himself Rustam (the name of an ancient Persian hero) and headed the terrorist group Jihad which was created for special operations in the U.S. The existence of this group became known to the U.S. government, and to eliminate it was sent to a group of criminals led by Rick Flag. During the battle most of the Jihad was destroyed, but Rustam managed to escape and kill one member of the Suicide Squad. After Jihad was once again re-established, they attacked Manhattan, but were again defeated by the Suicide Squad. In the end, Rustam was killed in a battle with his arch-enemy Rick Flag . Rick Flag and Rustam were teleported to Skartaris during a Suicide Squad and Jihad battle. Rick Flag murdered Rustam to return home.

DC Rebirth

Rustam served as the field commander of the original Suicide Squad, leading Emerald Empress, Doctor Polaris, Johnny Sorrow, and Lobo on missions. Rustam predicted that Waller would be unable to control the squad, and he was eventually proven right. After seeing this, Waller had them locked up in a top-secret black site. Later the team was freed by Maxwell Lord for the purpose of killing Waller. In the process, they confronted the current Suicide Squad and the Justice League.

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