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Russell Boiger was created by David Elliott for Titan Comics' A1: The Weirding Willows. He is might be based on Chief Weasel from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.


Russell is your ‘Del Boy’ dodgy geezer. He would probably sell his mother for a penny and probably did. He has worn out his welcome with everyone in the Willow Weir, but he just won’t leave. Like a bad penny he always turns up when you don’t want him to. Always promising what he can’t deliver.

When Russell meets Dudley Cook he becomes a bad influence on him and tells him stories of cars, trains and airplanes.

The books that Russell brings Victor Stoker are from the very edge of the Willows. They come from the collection of an old German army officer that lives there. Ernest Frankenstein came to England to escape the persecution brought about by the actions of his older brother Victor, a college dropout who had his own ideas about creating life.


  • Age - 32
  • Height - 1' 11"
  • Wife - Wilma Boiger
  • Son - Philip Boiger
  • Daughter - Gwendelyn Boiger
  • Home - The Weir

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