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    Mara Williams aka Rush is a member of the Legion Academy. She was transformed genetically by the Dominators to accelerate her speed to superhuman levels.

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    Mara W. Williams is a character who appeared in Legion of Superheroes #51, "A Lil Legion Adventure" December 1993. She was created by Tom McCraw and Mike McAvennie.

    Major Storylines

    Original Continuity: New Earth

    Mara Wallace Williams was a supporting character in Legion of Super-Heroes. She was a young woman who had been abducted and genetically experimented upon by the Dominators. The spliced her genes with genetic material from the Tornado Twins Dawn and Don Allen, giving her super speed. After being found and liberated, she soon lived on the hospital planet Quarantine, where she made friends with former Legionnaire Kent Shakespeare and Celeste McCauley.

    "Try and catch me "

    After an attempted jailbreak on Takron-Galtos, Cocheta Drisden is sent to Quarantine, where Kent Shakespeare and Celeste McCauley have been staying. Mara was one of the many genetically altered United Planets citizens that had been operated on to change their genetic makeups. While having an intimate conversation about her situation with Celeste, Grimbor attacked Quarantine in an attempt to rescue his daughter, Cocheta.

    However, Mara joined up with Celeste to find out why the alarms at the medical facility were going off. They discovered Kent chained up and unconscious. Grimbor and the two get into a quick skirmish as he easily imprisons both of them in a few of his specialized traps. Soon the young children with super-powers that also live at Quarantine help Mara, Kent and Celeste get free and Grimbor is defeated.

    Later Mara joined the Legion Academy and adopted the code name Rush. There she learned how to better use her powers and started using staff energy weapons.

    Mara was wiped out by Zero Hour along with most of the character's of that timeline.

    Powers and Abilities

    She was transformed genetically by the Dominators to accelerate her speed to superhuman levels. It is not known for how long she can act at optimal speeds before tiring. The flaw in her abilities was that she could not naturally decelerate, her body always being in hyper-speed. However she was given a Vibration Stabilizer device which would allow her to move at normal human speed without need of concentration.


    Mara uses the standard United Planets Military Academy tracksuit which houses various field mission accessories. One such piece of equipment is an energy baton which she uses during combat runs allowing her to cause physical harm without injury to herself.

    Since she has also been a Legion Academy student she has had access to a standard Legion Flight Ring. Allowing the wearer to fly at speeds chosen by the strength of the wearers willpower. The ring also has a micro-computer installed with the capacity of long range communications, navigational systems, and a beacon single in case of emergency.


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