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Review: Ruse #1

The greatest detective has returned to handle a case that strikes close to home - - death threats against his dear "assistant!"

The Good

Here's how you get a story going! From the opening hook of Archard pronouncing what's obviously a murder as a suicide, you know you're in store for a fast-paced comic with real wit and charm. By virtue of timing, this does end up resembling the more action-injected revival of Sherlock Holmes, but I find the mix of intellect and agility a lot more palatable here. Plus, Archard's chemistry with his assistant is far more fun than what Holmes has with Watson.

The Bad

This appears to be another case of a comic being illustrated on computer instead of rendered through the typical combination of digital and analog methods. While the art does work for the most part, there are definitely some spots where the lack of traditional ink makes the pages look like they've been photographed through a foggy glass.

The Verdict - 4/5

This is definitely the better of the two Crossgen restarts and a title I'm doubly-glad to see around because I always wanted to get into Ruse when it was running the first time 'round, but never had the opportunity. This is truly a model to follow of how to properly relaunch a series, too - - something that's accessible and easy to grasp for any newcomer, yet with enough breadcrumbs to entice you into checking out the back issues.

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