Rurouni Kenshin #4

    Rurouni Kenshin » Rurouni Kenshin #4 - Overture to Destruction released by Viz on October 2008.

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    A Collection of Volumes 10 - 12!

    Overture to Destruction

    KENSHIN JOURNERYS to the home of Arai Shakkû, the legendary swordsmith who forged his sakabatô, in the hope of procuring a replacement for the blade that was shattered in a fight with Seta Sôjirô. Instead of Shakkû, though, Kenshin finds his son Seikû, who has given up making instruments of death. But when word gets around that before he passed away Shakkû forged a final blade, one of Shishio's warriors also decides to pay a visit, and he doesn't plan on leaving empty-handed. With the safety of Seikû's family at risk, Kenshin springs into action, even if it means fighting without a weapon at his side!

    Kenshin realizes that if he is to defeat Shishio the time has come to complete his training in Hiten Mitsurugi-ryû. But first he will have to convince his incredibly stubborn master, Hiko Seijûrô, that he is indeed worthy of Hiten Mitsurugi's greatest secrets and techniques. Then, with all of his Juppongatana "Ten Swords" fighters now in Kyoto, Shishio kicks into high gear with his scheme to radically alter the face of Meiji Era Japan. Can Kenshin, Saitô and Misao marshal their resources in time to prevent Shishio from burning Kyoto to the ground?!

    Chapter Titles

    Volume 10: Mitsurugi, Master and Student

    • Act 76: The Ten Swords in Action
    • Act 77: Prelude to Battle
    • Act 78: Chō of the Ten Swords
    • Act 79: The Thinnest Blade
    • Act 80: Drawing of the Forbidden
    • Act 81: Shakkū's Wish
    • Act 82: Where the Strings Meet
    • Act 83: Hiko Seijūrō
    • Act 84: The Mitsurugi Apprenticeship

    Volume 11: Overture to Destruction

    • Act 85: Half the Feeling
    • Act 86: Aoshi & Okina
    • Act 87: Meetings of the Warlords
    • Act 88: Overture to Destruction
    • Act 89: Aoshi vs. Okina
    • Act 90: Finale of Fresh Blood
    • Act 91: Misao's Decision
    • Act 92: A Bird and a Broom
    • Act 93: The Man Named Usui

    Volume 12: The Great Kyoto Fire

    • Act 94: The Initiation Begins
    • Act 95: Even If It Costs My Life
    • Act 96: Between Life and Death
    • Act 97: The Ten Swords Summoned
    • Act 98: The Other Objective
    • Act 99: As If in Flight
    • Act 100: The Great Kyoto Fire (Part I)
    • Act 101: The Great Kyoto Fire (Part II)
    • Act 102: The Great Kyoto Fire (Part III)


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    Story Arcs

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