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Rural Home Publishing was a group of small publishers in a fluid partnership, using pre-packaged material and operating under the banner of Rural Home with the leading partner apparently being Enwil Associates. This loose group of publishers consisted of:

Almanac (q.v.); Rewl Publications 
Circus Comics 
Croydon Publishing      
E.R. Ross Publishing (q.v.); Enwil Associates
Farm Women's Publishing; Gail Hillson
Jay Burtis; L.L. Baird ; Narrative Magazines
Public Recreations; Rewl Publications
Universal Comics Group
Orbit Publications
Croydon Publications

Rural Home titles.

Blazing Comics    
Blue Circle Comics
Red Band Comics
Variety Comics
Red Circle Comics
Cannonball Comics
Mask Comics
Power Comics
Meteor Comics
Zoom Comics
Circus Comics
Eagle Comics
Laffy Daffy Comics
Merry Comics
Patches Comics
Taffy Comics

"associated" publishers that made up the Rural Home partnerships for the years 1944-1946 published these comics

Atomic Bomb Comics
Funland Comics #1
Life's Like That Comics
Merry-Go-Round Comics
Miss Cairo Jones
Nebbs # 1
World Famous Stories Comics
El Bombo Comics # 1
Snappy Comics # 1
Sparkman Comics # 1
Judo Joe
Navy Heroes
Medal of Honor
Top Spot Comics
K.O. Comics
Triple Threat Comics
Hi-Lite Comics # 1
Tailspin Comics # 1
Gem Comics # 1
Love Diary Comics 1949-1955
Love Journal Comics 1951-1954
Patches (issue # 2 on) 1945-1947
Taffy (issue # 2 on) 1945-1948
Toy Town Comics 1945-1947
Wanted Comics 1947-1953
Westerner Comics 1948-1951


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