How to begin the formation of a Runaways movie

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First of all, this is not a joke. its not even a hope. They were working on a Runaways movie in 2010-2011, but setting up the Avengers sort of took over priorities.

Keke Palmer and Lucas Cruikshank even expressed interest in being actors in it. Lucas could so do Chase is you ask me, and Keke Palmer could probably due Alex Wilder's mom.

Or Fem Xavin I guess...

But the simple problem is: how do you introduce these...

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In a world of these

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Whose doable as it is

Pride And Joy
Pride And Joy

Alex Rider

Alex as you probably are aware, is a intelligent planner and the son of two crime bosses. He was their first leader, their only traitor and, while a short lived character, is vital to the story of the Runaways, as a founding member.

As a brainiac and a normal character, it is simple enough in reality to add him

Chase Stein

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Another member who is normal: the abused rebel who acts far like a regular teen who just happens to steal his parent's advanced tech.

There is already some advanced tech floating around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, (Particularly seen in the Iron Man films as well as S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier), so the idea of his fistagons and Leapfrog is quite plausible.

I have a personal request for the goggles, but that's just me.

Gertrude Yorkes

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Now we move into tougher territory. The second of the founding six to die, Gertrude adds snark to the film. However, its her parents and Old Lace that make me wonder.

We have crime bosses and mad scientists in the cinematic universe, but time travelers are something else. Let alone time travelers who give their daughter a personal attack velociraptor.

That might just be a tad too weird...but hey they do have AntMan

Victor Mancha

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While the movie will probably use just the starting six, Victor has use elsewhere. With a lot of rumors of Ultron being jn Ant-Man's film, and that test footage with Ultron fighting Ant Man, likely means Ultron was made in the fities

So, could Victor's origin have happened? Its possible


Molly Hayes

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One of the most popular runaways, she suffers due to movie rights. The x-Men are not in the cinematic universe, and while some Mutants, such as Quickilsver and Scarlet Witch still play in the Cinematic Verse, potentially, how can they explain her powers.

Can they even use the world mutant?

While they are very unlikely to use her, Klara Prast suffers a similar issue, plus Gert's.

Nico Minoru

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Another of the more popular runaways, Nico does not have the whole, rights problem, but its magic. Unless this movie takes place post Doctor Strange, she'd be the first example of magic in the verse, out of Thor the Science-Magic hybrid film.

Would they have the time to delve into magic properly?

Karolina Dean and Xavin too really

Karolina & Xavin
Karolina & Xavin

Potentially the first LGBT character in the cinematic verse, Karolina would also be a glowing rainbow alien girl. They would have to explain the alien topic....which is somewhat tricky with the only aliens so far being gods, cyborg minions and a vague Thanos.

to all these rules Xavin applies, but are Skrulls in the Marvel Cinematic or the X-Men, rebooted FF verse?

When should the movie be released? What needs to be done to bring it out

The big question. Should it be released in Part 2, after Guardians? Should it be in part 3 after Doctor Strange? Should they forget about any Runaway movie? Your opinion?

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My opinion:

The Runaways comic has largely existed independant of the rest of the Marvel U. Occasionally there is overlap, with Beast or Wolverine talking to Molly, or Cap bringing the kids in from the streets, but for the most part the Runaways has always kept a separate flavor, mocking the costumes and codenames and teamnames and generally trying to be a lot more rooted in the 'real world'.

Much the same way that the X-Men films or the Spiderman films exist independant of the Marvel Film Universe, I would break the Runaways off and just keep them separate. Don't use the classic Marvel Villains, except perhaps Ultron by way of flashback mention for Victor's origin (they could even just say "I was built by a killer robot that is now flying around in space" and it would probably be snarky and sarcastic enough to fit in while not naming names).

Personally though, rather than a film, I think the Runaways would deliver much better as a candidate for a CW television series. As a television program, the characters could be allowed to develop more naturally, instead of trying to cram all 6 backgrounds, plus the entire story of the kids stopping the Pride/Gibborim, all into a 2 hour movie.

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Dont you dare make a runaways tv show. I will find you and i will stop you. I felt like the runaways is more akin to how teens act nowadays. But tv is how they acted back then. How are they going to do molly's misunderstanding of sex on tv

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IF there was to be a runaways movie I would want it to cover the first 18 issues of runaways. This is when the whole team gets started and they find out about their parents. It would allow for a sort of story that has setup but also a filling ending. If the movie does well then a sequel could introduce new members such as victor or xavin, but it should come after the third avengers so that way skrull and aliens are already a thing. This would also give them time to drop hints as to Ultron not being dead. That's just me though.

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