Did Marvel forget their movie too?

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Originally Marvel would have released The Runaways movie around the time of the Avengers movie, however with them being so busy with this project they decided to put a bit of a delay on the Runaways movie. I notice the past few days they have been showing release dates to their upcoming movies. Captain America: Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and an Ant Man movie. I've even heard news a while ago about a Mockingbird tv show coming to ABC Family.

From time to time I keep on hearing rumors of future projects they would love to do like a Black Widow, Ms Marvel, and even a Black Panther movie, but nothing about the Runaways.

So is Marvel just going to put them on hold for another year, or will it end up being an idea tossed in limbo?

or maybe they could make it into a tv show on ABC Family or something. If Mockingbird became a hit show they could consider it.

I just happen to be a really huge Runaways fan lol

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Do not make a movie Runaways if you do You can leave Alex out or have a white guy play Alex! I find the comic book to be full of stereo types about black people! I view the Comic book as racist!

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that first comment is complete insanity. But no the idea is apparently just being spoken about within company again recently. It wont be haulted for much longer.

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The lack of a Runaways series and movie at this point is disappointing, I would have thought this would have been green lighted before have of the Phase 2 slate announced

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There are focusing on their more prominent properties, as well as branching out into uncharted territory (GotG and Ant-Man). A Runaways film would be extremely difficult to even conceive in a positive light.  
Also, patience is a virtue.

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@NorajDawn: I'm kinda shocked by that person's comment lol

@Brazen_Intellect: Like I wouldn't mind them taking forever with the movie as long as we get a series, however being a huge fan of them for half a decade I could confirm that their appearance in Avengers Academy was really good.

@Illuminatus: Unless if they are waiting to introduce Ultron first which could make complete sense.

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: I agree with your points. And with what that guy said I don't agree. Nothing was racist about the depictions.

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First comment is whack and doesn't know the stereotypical depictions of black people.

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