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(Los Angeles, sun set)

As Victor runs through the house, Nico follows him, wondering what she did wrong with her spell. Victor feels that it's the only explanation - Nico wasn't affected because it was her spell, and he was affected because he was alreadyscattered, on account of Lillie. The two rush to Karolina Dean's room to where they inform her of their discover, but Karolina reluctantly follows them back downstairs.

When Nico points out she isn't sure how to get rid of the side-effect, Victor thinks that they are only in a reflection of the main spell; if they break the illusion, they may break the spell. While Karolina guards the suspicious-looking vaDanti, Victor runs off to grab Molly and Klara while Nico calls Chase and Xavin.

Nico calls Chase's workplace, where he is at KZIT shining Val's boots. Nico informs him to return home, seeing as he's under her spell. Chase stubbornly refuses to return home, and hangs up. A furious Nico slams her fist against a table, causing her fist to bleed. Instantly, her new Staff of One emerges. Nico suggests she may as well use it. Nico points the Staff out at the beach, to where Xavin is still at the beach party. Calling "Xavin! Here! Now!", Xavin is magically pulled towards Nico, frightening the neighbours. As she flails through the air, she turns into her Thing-like form, crashing into the house's balcony. Xavin, grumbling, enters the house behind Nico and Karolina.

(Malibu, sun set)

Victor hurries along the beaches of Malibu to find Molly and Klara - as daylight is fading, he calls out for them. He notices the fort they've made, and laughs. Even as he laughs, the grass and plants around him rise up around his body, keeping him hostage. Knowing who the culprit is, he tells Klara to cut it out, and the two young girls reveal their hiding places in the undergrowth. They have plants on their heads to aid their disguise.

Molly is proud of her trap - she snaps her fingers, and Klara automatically calls for the plants to lie down. Molly informs Victor this is just a drill, but he gets the idea. Victor mocks them, but Molly tells him not to underestimate "Princess Powerful and her trusty sidekick, Tower of Flower." Old Lace is in the bushes, as a back up to Molly and Klara's plan. Victor drags the girls and Old Lace back to the house, where Klara tells Molly she wouldn't want to be called "Tower of Flower", but "Rose Red". As they get back to the house, Molly suggests "Rose Wild", "Rose Wildweed", "Roses Gone Wild"... but the topic is dropped the second they see what is in their living room.

The gluttonous thing that spilled out of vaDanti's wrist glove from the previous issue takes on the form of a large, gluttonous bubble - encased in the middle of the bubble, however, are Nico, Xavin and Karolina. It is at this point where Klara notes that vaDanti had escaped.

Victor's electricity proves to be useless on the bubble. Molly, however decides to punch the bubble - this idea goes wrong, as Molly is sucked into the bubble with the others; Klara, who had attempted to stop Molly lands in the bubble as well. Victor remains to be the only Runaway (besides Chase at work) who isn't in the bubble. As Xavin, Karolina, Nico, Molly and Klara stare at Victor from the bubble, Victor takes a large spear and attempts to stab the bubble, which drags him into it as well. The others angrily lose their temper with Victor.

Molly attempts to punch her way out, but Nico and Karolina hold her back - they can't just start bashing around, as someone will get hurt. Xavin explains that the bubble is too flexible for force, but Molly doesn't believe her and punches it again. This time, the bubble expands and contracts quickly, but Molly's punch does the trick. The bubble explodes in a swirl of gloopy Majesdanian colours, covering them all with slimy gloop.

As they recover, Victor mentions the only thing he does like about Majesdane so far is Karolina. Karolina, Xavin, Molly and Klara attempt to leave for the shower, but Nico holds them back and reveals to them what her spell had did - they were scattered to a point where they wouldn't work together long enough to escape a bubble. What made them a team flew right out the window.

Nico continues by asking if they can feel it, inside - a total disconnect from the others, the desire to do their own thing no matter what anyone says. An anguished Nico reminds them the Majesdanians are coming back to take Karolina away from them, and there is no way they can stop them if they can't even beat a bubble. She asks to look around and ask if they look like a team of super heroes. Xavin admits that it's not their finest moment. "We look like losers," adds a depressed Molly. Karolina agrees as well; she doesn't feels disconnected from everyone... even Xavin.

The Runaways ask if Nico can reverse the spell, but Nico fears that by using a spell to undo the scatter effect, she may get more side-effects. Xavin suggests she practice on Chase (who is at work), but Victor brings up his suggestion. Victor explains that he's been thinking about it, and doesn't feel that they're under the full power of the spell - just a weaker reflection of it, since they were in the room when Nico cast it. He thinks that they can break the spell's effect if they just concentrate on something that needs total cooperation with each other.

Nico agrees that the plan makes sense, but before they can act, Karolina spots something outside... the Runaways move out on to the balcony as something drops from the clouds. Victor hopes that it's just a weather balloon, but Xavin points out that weather balloons don't leave vapor trails... the Majesdanian's have returned, but the Runaways aren't even ready at all.


In this issue, Xavin wears a Bryant 24 vest in this issue. Kobe Bryant is (at the time of writing) a basketball player for the L.A. Lakers.

Victor also references Lillie, the girl he fell in love with in 1907. Victor was already "scattered" because Lillie had changed her mind about coming to the present, breaking Victor's heart. Lillie spent the rest of her life in regret. This took place in issue #30 (June 2008).



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