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(Malibu, morning)

Chase is in the garage tweaking with one of his Fistigons, listening to his boss, Val Rhymin, on the radio. As he fiddles with a pair of pliers, firey laser shoots from the glove, destroying the radio. This surprises Chase, but Molly appears at that moment asking what he's doing. Although Chase attempts to hide the out-of-control glove, Molly picks Chase up and carries him to the Runaways' team meeting.

(moments later)

Carrying Chase over her head, Molly enters the lounge. Nico begins the meeting with her first issue - the Majesdanians are returning, seeing as their ship must have went to pick them up. Sitting in the middle of the living room is vaDanti, who won't cooperate with the Runaways. He reminds Karolina that she cannot hide from Majesdane's soldiers. They tracked her across light years. Navigating a planet is nothing.

Victor tells him that they don't want to hide; they want to avoid any more fighting and work out a peaceful resolution between them and Karolina. Nico immediately attacks vaDanti with a ream of questions; she wants to know where they are and when they will arrive, whether he can communicate with them and what they can do to stop them from attacking. Her final question is, "What they we do to avoid a fight?" Smiling maliciously, vaDanti barks "Surrender," immediately angering Chase. Victor and Xavin restrain him. Karolina shouts for everyone to stop it; they're not getting anywhere with violence and anger.

Karolina begins to speak, but this doesn't get vaDanti to cooperate. Finally, Chase suggests they should just load up the Leapfrog and find the Majesdanians themselves; they can get the jump on them. Xavin, however, suggests she can make a speech and bring truce between Karolina and the Majesdanians. Molly suggests they build a fort. Klara suggests she give them flowers. Nico suggests a spell to make vaDanti speak... but a silent Karolina watches as the others all make suggestions and excuses for her, and suggests her own solution: give herself up.

Finally, vaDanti agrees with her - he tells her she is finally making sense. This causes the other Runaways to angrily turn to him and tell him to shut up. But fed up, Chase storms off for work. Xavin stalks off to make her speech - she will save them with diplomacy. Molly and Klara angrily run out to build their fort. This only leaves Nico, Victor, Karolina and Old Lace with vaDanti. Nico is stunned with how the others just walked away. It is at this point where even Old Lace leaves the room. "Perfect," groans Nico. Karolina leaves as well.

(the Antarctic)

deHalle is freezing. A penguin stands there, as if it's interested in what she is doing there. The spacecraft appears above her and her powers kick in. With a beautiful rainbow lightshow, she takes off and enters the craft from underneath, rejoining the General who is at the controls. He asks if she is okay. deHalle replies that she is fine, but can't wait to get her hands on that little witch. The General says they have one more stop and then she will get her chance.


Molly and Klara take their suitcase to build a fort on a hill in Malibu. Lying on the grass, Klara asks why the sky is so brown - back in 1907 New York, it wasn't this dirty. Molly assumes it is pollution. Molly looks out over the sea and says that any minute now, she's gonna see way more than pollution up there - the Majesdanians will be arriving, but they will be safe in their own fort, like the second raptor in Jurassic Park. As Molly crushes a rock into powder, a smiling Klara looks up at the sky. "Ships that sail in the sky. Parks filled with dinosaurs. I'm never going to get used to this century."


At KZIT radio station, Chase arrives for work to find that Val Rhymin is exhausted. Val, who doesn't seem to be in the right mind, asks Chase to come closer to his face. Val asks him to do a favor for him. Chase is eager to hear. After a long pause, Val tells Chase to jump out the window.

Chase, however, stands up and laughs, assuming Val was joking. At this point, a call comes in from "Mother". Val suddenly jerks alert and active and orders Chase to pick up his dry cleaning. Depressed, Chase resigns himself to the task and departs. Val says that if he passes this test, then next time he might try something a little harder, like washing his car. He gets back on the phone to Mother and apologies. He then asks, "So... Mother... what do you know about zombies?"

(the African plains)

The Majesdanian ship arrives in Africa to pick up vaRikk, whose also picked up a lizard he decided to nickname "deHalley", after deHalle. The General tells them to buckle up; he wants to get back to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.


On the beach, the sun sets as Xavin (in her young adult male form) is at a beach party with their neighbors. Nico, shocked that Xavin could be partying at a time like this approaches Xavin, acting as though she is his daughter. As the neighbours watch interested, Nico asks Xavin if she should come back inside the house - they have their "guests" arriving. Xavin, deliberately acting dumb, pretends not to know what Nico is talking about. As Nico begins to get infuriated, Xavin tells her she already wrote a speech. Nico can't believe that she's just going to sit there and do nothing. Xavin, covering her eyes from the neighbours, reveals her bright vivid Skrull eyes and tells Nico that has her own plan, and Xavin has hers. Nico storms off, angry.

Nico heads back to the house calling for Molly and Klara who don't respond. Victor, meeting up with her, reminds her they are building a fort. Chase is at work. Xavin is having a beach party. Molly and Klara are playing. Karolina is writing a letter of surrender... and any second now, a Majesdanian warship is going to arrive and blow their house off the map. Nico doesn't understand why anyone isn't working together... they're falling apart. Going in different directions...and finally, a shocked Victor figures out what their problem is.

Inside the house, vaDanti watches them through the large windows. With no one to watch over him, he uses his energy powers to destroy his metal bindings. His wrist band beeps and something gluttonous spills out.

Victor tells Nico that he understands what their problem is. He knows why everyone's acting strange and scattered... and Nico finally gets it. Her scatter spell that sent the Majesdanians over the world had side-effects: it appears to have emotionally scattered the Runaways...


This issue marks the first mention of "Mother", who would actually appear in issue #7 (February 2009). In this issue, something gluttonous and slimy spills from vaDanti's wrist band - this is the infamous bubble that will be the focus of the next issue, #4 (November 2008).

The 1960 film 'Psycho' is referened by Chase, while the 1993 film 'Jurassic Park' is referenced by Molly. Rocky Balboa from the 'Rocky' films is referenced by Xavin. Chase notes that Val has a Porsche.



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