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The issue starts with two mysterious voices talking about The Runaways. The intro provides information about each member of the team and a brief history for new readers or old ones who've forgotten.

After the intro, the team is shown eating at a fancy restaurant in New York where they await an unnamed man who was one of the voices in the intro. The man is quickly revealed to be The Kingpin. The Runaways, claiming to be the new Pride, demand protection while they are in New York. Kingpin tells them he can have them killed, but he gives them a place to stay anyway. But only if they steal something for him.

Later, in the house that the Kingpin has given them, the Runaways discuss their new situation. Victor thinks they're turning evil by dealing with Fisk, Nico disagrees, Chase is just happy to have a place to stay, and Xavin admires the man for being a leader. Xavin praises Fisk for being a man who knows who he is and doesn't have to hide it, but turns from male to female as he does so.

The group is still unsure of what they'll do when the scene changes to show an old woman, in her house, talking to a very muscular man with lots of scars and a large sword. They talk about the Runaways and the Kingpin being oblivious to some plan the big man has concocted, but nothing specific is said.

Back at the Runaway's house, Nico and Karolina talk and Nico ends up questioning her relationship with, and the sexuality of, Xavin. Karolina gets mad and flies off and the next frame skips forward a little and shows the Runaways crashing their vehicle into a building. They've decided to work for the Kingpin and steal the artifact he asked for.

Things start off bumpy enough, with the crash landing and Xavin's difficulty of getting everyone to the right building, but it only gets worse. While most of the team in the building and Chase (and Old Lace) standing guard outside, a dark figure launches a rocket at the building. Chase is saved from a fall to his death by Old Lace, and inside, Xavin and Molly create an escape route by breaking the floor. They escape with the artifact but find themselves staring up at the guns of the Punisher. Not only that, but the mysterious man with the sword is right behind him and he looks mad.



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Excellent Runaways Issue 0

I saw this somewhere on Comic Vine and I thought I might review it and from reading this story, I can see the theme in this comic, if not the whole Runaways' comic and what it’s like growing up and maturing with age. I think this may touch on issues with teenagers that they may be afraid to discuss, or are perhaps confused with these certain issues of teenage-hood like sexuality, relationships and losing close friends and family (Chase's supposed teen suicide). I dedicate most of my rating to th...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

Enter Joss Whedon... 0

After over 40 issues written by Brian K. Vaughan, Joss Whedon has the impossible task of replacing him. I'm one of "those" people who actually enjoy his characterizations on Astonishing X-Men so I was looking forward to what he was going to do with my favorite teenage misfits.I've taking a look at various reviews before writing this, because I thought other people were seeing something that I was missing. Even though it's a good issue, I had several problems with it.The first problem I had that ...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

What? There's a new writer? 0

I discovered the Runaways a little late. The nice thing was I bought the two (nice) hardcovers and got to devour all the stories quickly. You always become hesitant when the creative team changes on a comic, let alone the Man, Brian K., actually created the comic. I am a Whedon fan. It's almost like, how can you not be. He always brings life to the characters. They feel more than simply two-dimensional. And the interviews I read were true, he really does know these characters.Reading this...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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