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(continuing from the previous issue)

As the smoke clears, the Majesdanians barge into their home. Xavin begins to fight the Majesdanians all on her own, but Nico calls "Scatter!", causing the all the Majesdanians to disappear.

All, except for one - vaDanti. Before vaDanti runs away, Victor metallically controls the kitchen knives to make them fly towards vaDanti, leaving them hovering an inch away from him. After wrapping him up in metal bars, the Runaways hold him captive. Chase, Victor and Molly are angry. Xavin helps Karolina recover from the shock, recognizing them as Majesdanians. Klara assumes they may be outlaws, but Victor interrupts Nico and asks where she sent the other Majesdanians. Blushing, Nico says, "Well"...


As it turns out, vaRikk ended up in the African plains. Infuriated, he is promptly attacked by a male African lion. deHalle, meanwhile, lands in the frozen plains of Antarctica. The General vaDrann, furious, finds himself on the Great Wall of China.

(back in Los Angeles)

Xavin re-shape-shifts into the form of a young male (she did this in the previous issue) and shoos aways the neighbours, who had heard the violent explosions. Shape-shifting back into her female form, she returns inside to find the Runaways have circled around a tied-up vaDanti, and are questioning him and his motives. As vaDanti isn't being cooperative, the Runaways begin to pressure answers out of him - Chase angrily gets up and throws away his chair, telling vaDanti that he argues like a girl. vaDanti finally snaps, and with rage he explains how the Dean family is the reason Majesdane is destroyed, and how the blood of billions is on Karolina Dean's head.

Finally, losing patience, Nico explains she is a witch, and orders vaDanti to explain himself before the other Majesdanians get back, because the Runaways have seen their best shot; Nico threatens vaDanti that he wouldn't like the Runaways when they were mad. Not even a little. Sure enough, the seven Runaways stand together - intimidating vaDanti, who tells his version of the story about how Majesdane was destroyed.

The Runaways are emotional by the end of the story. A crying Karolina tells vaDanti that her parents were monsters, and she isn't them. That's why she thought her marriage to a Skrull would help stop the war. vaDanti doesn't care; as her father caused it, so she is equally in trouble; it was her father who made it possible for the Skrulls to find Majesdane. His action that led the invasion of Majesdane. His action that led to the destruction.

Chase accidentally lets slip that Xavin is a Skrull - this infuriates vaDanti's anger, but Xavin explains that she is no more her father than Karolina is hers. Xavin doesn't agree with the aggression of her people; she did not attack Majesdane, she didn't invade Earth. Xavin says that on Earth, she learnt another way. She learnt to love. vaDanti, however, says he thinks it's perverted. Karolina, shocked and angry, slaps vaDanti across the face with all her might, causing vaDanti to bleed heavily. Karolina, crying, states that she is not her father. She is proud to be a Majesdane, and would never betray their own people. She says Majesdane doesn't want justice, they want a scapegoat; the one responsible for the destruction of Majesdane is dead (Frank Dean). There's nothing anyone can do about it now. As Karolina leaves the room, she ends off saying if vaDanti wants to find a pervert in the room, he should look for the one with a heart full of hate (himself).


Karolina is outside, on the beach. She is standing in the shallow water, letting the water ripple gently across her feet. As she looks into the setting sun, her mind lost in thought, she hears splashed footsteps behind her, but doesn't look around. Nico arrives by her side. For a moment, the two of them stare into the sun, until Nico sighs and looks at her friend. After a pause, she tells Karolina that they all love her. Karolina doesn't say anything, but rests her head on Nico's shoulder. Nico comforts her friend.

(in China)

The General (using a signal from the device that was attached to his wrist) signals the Majesdanian spaceship they had arrived in, which arrives above him. He contacts deHalle in Antarctica and vaRikk in Africa and tells them he will pick them up soon.

(in Los Angeles)

With Molly and Klara's opinion, Nico uses magic to repair the kitchen. Chase, in the magically repaired living room, informs them that the pizza has turned up. Klara tries pizza for the first time. Xavin, however, grabs a slice and takes it outside, to where it's dark. She arrives on the porch where Karolina is looking out into the dark ocean. Xavin asks Karolina if she'd like to come inside because they have pizza. Silently, Karolina states that she isn't hungry. Xavin gives her a look and puts the pizza and coke beside Karolina, and also looks out into the ocean. For a couple of seconds, the two are silent as the breeze washes over them. Xavin silently says that something has changed, and Karolina agrees. Xavin finally asks "Are we okay?" to which a crying Karolina miserably replies that she doesn't know.

(elsewhere, at a hospital)

Val Rhymin looks down onto the hospital bed where Bob, the station manager lies. Bob is unconscious, and the only sound heard is the steady "Beep. Beep. Beep," of the monitor showing Bob's heartbeat. Val finally speaks to the sleeping Bob, revealing that the doctor said he would be fine. Surviving a heart attack and a 20-story fall? Val says Bob's a tough one, and he'll give him that. Val tells Bob that all he had many years spent trying to by somebody and to make something of himself, but Bob is always standing in the way dumping gloom and reality on his dream. Finally, Val tells Bob that life would be so much better if he wasn't here.

Later, Val leaves Bob's hospital room, but not before hearing the satisfiying "Beep. Beep. Beep," of the monitor turning into one long "Beeeeeeep," signalling the end of Bob's life.


Val Rhymin's boss, Bob makes his second and last appearance after Val kills him. The Runaways' neighbours make their second, more notable appearance.

For the first time ever, Xavin shape-shifts into the form of a female Skrull after she loses her temper.



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Story Arcs

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