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When Runaway Molly Hayes responds to the X-Men's psychic invitation welcoming all mutants to a new home in San Francisco, she declares it 'Moll-ifest Destiny' and heads to the Headlands to investigate! But when she finds herself back-to-back with Wolverine, cornered by a villain with a vendetta, she might find being an X-Man isn't just secret clubhouses and cool-looking costumes.

In "Mollifest Destiny", the Runaways travel to San Francisco after Molly receives Emma Frost's psychic message inviting all mutants to a new safe Haven. While the Runaways are briefly subdued by the New X-Men, Molly enters the Graymalkin Facility and quickly annoys several of the X-Men. Wolverine gives Molly a tour of the

X-Men's Danger Room. Molly tells the system to create a unicorn, which annoys Wolverine further. The two continue arguing before Wolverine insults Molly's parents and calls her a brat - instantly, she throws him through the roof, causing him to scream a series of swears at Cyclops in which office he landed.

Wolverine is urged to take Molly outside, and complies. The two tour San Francisco before they are kidnapped by a villain that was an enemy of the Pride. The villain and his soldiers had attempted to claim a portion of Los Angeles, although the Hayes stopped him before they could go any further. The villain wants revenge against the Outcasts - Molly's parents. The Hayes had (for enjoyment) put the villain in a traumatizing seven-year coma with his eyes open. He recovered, though he tells Molly her parents were evil and sadistic. Wolverine and Molly manage to escape, though Molly realizes she'll never think of her parents the same way again. She is however comforted by Wolverine .

In "Truth or Dare", Karolina is dared to take a Cobra Staff from Cobra, the leader of a white supremacist group - she does, and brings the Cobra Staff home. Nico cracks the Cobra Staff with a spell, prompting several eggs to come out mutating into large cobras. While fighting the Cobras, the Runaways continue the game of truth or dare - Nico reveals that out of Chase, Karolina and Victor, the best kisser was Karolina.

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