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(somewhere in the Milky Way, two days ago)

A Majesdanian space ship flies through space with four Majesdanians on board; deHalle, vaDanti, vaRikk and the General. They are survivors of Majesdane's destruction, and they blame Karolina Dean for that disaster. The Majesdanians pick up Karolina's signal on Earth, and they decide to travel there. The fiesty deHalle marks her revenge.

(Earth, present, on the outskirts of Los Angeles)

The runaways return to the City of Angels after their run-in with the Kingpin, the Punisher and some Skrulls in New York City. Chase listens to his his favorite DJ, Val Rhymin on KZIT. Victor and Xavin aren't sure of where to go, but Nico suggests they ask the Leapfrog where to go - the Leapfrog, being the Pride's ships, would know all their locations. The Leapfrog informs them that there is a place in Malibu that is unbreached, but the alarms are still active. Xavin, curious, asks who lived in Malibu; Chase replies that he did as a kid, but he assumed his parents had sold the place.

(later, at night)

The Leapfrog lands off the Pacific coast; the Runaways don't want to directly land on the Malibu house due to fear of setting off alarms. Xavin creates a watertight forcefield bubble for them to travel in, and Chase tells Old Lace that they'll be back for her when the coast is clear. Klara loves the excitement, though Chase would have preferred to land on the roof - there is a perfect spot for the Leapfrog.

Soon, they are on the beach, and Karolina welcomes Vic to Malibu. They walk up to the house and check the place out. It's a lot more desirable than their previous two hostels. Victor and Karolina decide to hack into the alarm system while Chase and Xavin check the front door. Nico and Klara go off to break into windows, but Molly attempts to break into the home on her own - being the strongest on the team.

Although Xavin manages to use her Mr. Fantastic arm into unlocking the door from the inside, she alerts a horde of security daemons that attack all the runaways; Karolina is grabbed by a prehistoric bird-like daemon, while Victor is attacked by a gorilla-like daemon with a slingshot. From the inside, Chase attempts to turn off a daemon by pressing a switch on the back of its head, but Molly arrives in time to smash it into the wall, breaking the daemon and the wall in the process. Karolina, becoming fed up of being carried around explodes the robot carrying her and wonders why they ever arrived at the house in Malibu.

Once the drama is over, the kids start getting rid of the evidence; Xavin shape-shifts into the form of handsome young man and informs the neighbors that they just moved in. Klara learns more about television and YouTube. Nico urges Chase to get a job; Chase, meanwhile, discovers the Stein's garage - there is a motorbike, a camper van and a VW bus.

(the next day, at the mall)

Molly, Nico, Karolina and Klara arrive at the base of the mall - Chase is applying for a job, at KZIT radio station hosted by his idol, Val Rhymin. Although Karolina is appalled Chase is applying for a job hosted by "sexist pigs", Nico doesn't care where he works so long as he works.

At the top of the mall, Val Rhymin is on air, slouched in his chair, while Chase watches through the public window. Val spots him and jokes to his listeners that it looks like one of the monkeys has escaped from the zoo to "sip at the font of knowledge". Val continues his speech about overthrowing the government... this angers the station manager, Bob, who warns Val not to say those things on the radio. The two enter a heated argument, resulting in Bob telling Val he's fired. Val turns away from Bob... but it is at this moment where Bob clutches his chest - he's going into a heart attack, but Val is utterly calm and pretends not to notice.

Chase does not notice Bob suffering, so he tells Val he idolises him and wants to work with him. Outside the office, Val notices (from the corner of his eye) a pained Bob disappearing over the balcony... he smiles at Chase and tells him his luck may be in. He thinks an opening's just come up.

As Bob falls towards his death, from below Klara, Molly, Nico and Karolina and the other shoppers look up after hearing a scream. Klara wastes no time springing into action. Calling out, "Grow!" the mall plantlife shoots up creating a jungle, catching Bob safely. While Klara helps Bob land and tells the plants to lie down, the other Runaways praise her and the four of them leave before the cops show up.

(later, at the Malibu home)

Victor finishes washing the Leapfrog in its new location. Molly, Klara, Nico and Karolina arrive, informing Xavin about their experience - just this moment, Chase arrives and asks why they left him alone at the mall. Nico, however, dodges the question and asks Chase why he let Bob fall from the balcony. Chase, angry with Nico, begins to have an arguement before Victor shuts him up... he hears something. Karolina's energies erupt as a blindling flash of light comes through the window... bursting through the wall, the Majesdanians have arrived for revenge.


Characters making their first appearance in the series include Chase's new boss, Val Rhymin and the Majesdanians, deHalle, vaDanti, vaRikk and the General. The General isn't named until issue #6 (January 2009) as vaDrann.Val's boss, Bob appears, but he also dies the next issue.

The VW bus makes its first appearance this issue, but it will later return as a regular means of transport for Chase in issue #6 (January 2009).

In this issue, Xavin briefly shape-shifts into movie director Kevin Smith. The FCC and YouTube are also referenced. Val Rhymin plays a song by Led Zeppelin.



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I was really worried about this latest issue. I mean what else it there to do? Who else can they battle? Where on earth can a bunch of kids who are new to the hero villian scene find their own arch nemesis? SUPRISE! An awesome concept from the start! Karolina's being blamed for the destruction of her homeoworld! Now we all know Karolina shouldn't be held responsible for what happened at her wedding but that's what makes the concept so perfect! Irrational villians who think they're on the right s...

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