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    Frenzy's more stable, brother with a tough guy attitude. Small but tough and always looking for a fight.

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    Marvel Continuity

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    Rumble was among the Decepticons who gave chase to the Autobots whom were leaving Cybertron in search of more Energon. After Optimus Prime's fateful decision to crash land into an uninhabitable planet, the Transformers died and laid inactive for more than 4 million years, to be rebuilt on what is now planet Earth. After reconissance, Rumble became a Cassete, which could be stored in Soundwave's Chassis. Rumble, unlike many of his Decepticon bretheren, was sincerely loyal to Megatron and is always ready to do his bidding. for this, Megatron saw great potental in Rumble. When Rumble had kidnapped Sparkplug Witwicky the Decepticons had kidnaped the Autobot's newly found friend, Rumble and His Brother Frenzy were there to oppose the autobot forces attempting to break into the Decepticon Base. Rumble fought bravely, but fell. Frenzy carried Rumble and retreated into the fortress, but were confronted By Spiderman and Brawn who had broken into the fortress. Frenzy was quickly subdued.

    Much later, Rumble picked a fight with Autobot Sideswipe but luck was against Rumble, and he lost the fight.

    Afterwards, Rumble sat out on the next decepticon mission to take the Ark, the Autobot Headquarters, which was good. Rumble was later reactivated under Shockwave's new command. After Shockwave had single-handedly secured the Ark, Rumble was left to guard it. ias it turns out, Rumble's optics were too Low-res to pic up humans in his peripheral, unwittingly allowing Buster to take the creation matrix from inside the Ark. Shockwave was enraged to find the Matrix was missing. Shockwave actually had to run Rumble's memories through a computer-enhanced refinement process before he could even see the culprit. Needless to say, Shockwave was NOT happy when he found out. Waiting for his punishment, Rumble actually began developing moisture and condensation on his face-plate in anticipation. Fortunately for Rumble, his only punishment was to guard their human slaves at the Blackrock Aerospace Assembly Plant. unfortunately, Rumble did not fare any better guarding the humans, and could not contain them when the humans revolted, rallying behind Skyfire's turn on Shockwave. Much later, Rumble would serve under Megatron's side, once the Decepticon leadership had a schism, between Shockwave and Megatron. Led to take the Autobot's headquarters once again, the decepticons were slaughtered by Omega Supreme, the newly built, titan of an autobot. Rumble was blown to scraps by Omega Supreme's hand cannon.

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    Rumble would not be rebuilt until Devastator, AKA the Constructicons, would save them. After being reconstructed, Rumble would lay unheard of.

    Powers And Abilites

    Siesmic Manipulation- Rumble's arms would turn into two hydraulic battering ram type machines, that emitted certain frequencys to cause tremors, and produce fault lines even.

    Super Strength- Rumble had a degree of super strength that allowed him to pick up objects three times bigger and heavier.


    Height: Varies, Rumble can be the size of a Cassette tape, to 24 feet tall

    Weight: Varies but most likely well into the tons due to his cybertronian chassis.

    Other Media

    In the G1 cartoons, (1984) Rumble was colored Blue, and thus confusing many.


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