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    Rukia is more human than she realizes and goes through the adventure of several lifetimes when she meets Ichigo and his friends. Her mentor was Kaien Shiba and her zanpakuto is called Sode no Shirayuki.

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    Appearance & Personality

    Schoolgirl Rukia
    Schoolgirl Rukia

    Birthdate: 14 January

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Purple

    Height: 4'7"

    Weight: 73 lbs

    Race: Soul


    Rukia dresses like any other Soul Reaper, wearing the traditional black kimono and pants along with sandals and her zanpakuto. Rukia is on the short side as far as she compares to most of the other characters. She also has short black hair that hangs just off of the shoulders and a bang even hangs down across her face slightly. When in her Gigai Rukia disguises herself as a school student to assist Ichigo in being a Soul Reaper. She is usually seen wearing clothes that she stole from Yuzu, Ichigo's sister.


    Rukia Kuchiki is a very straight forward person most of the time. She almost always gives Ichigo a hard time over how he behaves, speaks her mind, and follows what she believes. She is also very bossy, taking little time to tell others, usually Ichigo, how things need to be done. Rukia was adopted into a noble family in the Soul Society, which lends to her sometimes overly enchanted belief in what is proper. Having grown up in the Soul Society Rukia had to learn most of her knowledge of the living worlds culture through books. Unfortunately the books she chose were not meant for etiquette lessons (one book was a horror/ suspense novel.) Rukia has another side of her though that is very caring and makes it hard for her to follow in her brother's, Byakuya Kuchiki's, foot steps. Rukia has a habit of getting too close with others and tends to go through whatever pain they are in along side that person. According to Ichigo and Renji Abarai she worries too much and they constantly tell her to shut up.

    Involvement in the Series

    Death and the Strawberry

    Rukia explains about the Shinigami to Ichigo.
    Rukia explains about the Shinigami to Ichigo.

    Rukia is seen from the very beginning of the series. After Ichigo returns home one night he is greeted by Rukia in his room. Unable to see her Ichigo attacks Rukia thinking she is a robber. After getting tired of his antics Rukia uses a binding Kido to wrap his hands behind his back. While she has him tied up she Explains to him about her mission and how odd it is to meet a human who can see a Soul Reaper. Rukia does her story with the use of illustrations that she has made, which end up being insulted by Ichigo because Rukia uses the cutest possible drawings to explain monsters and death gods.

    As Rukia is about to leave she is meet with a flood of spirit pressure as she opens Ichigo's door. Outside Karen is crawling to warn Ichigo about a Hollow. Rukia begins to spring into action, but is surprised by Ichigo's ability to release himself from her kido. After putting herself in harms way to save Ichigo Rukia attempts to grant Ichigo some of her power to finish the Hollow. The plan backfires a bit though as Ichigo somehow absorbs all of her powers. Rukia what she has left to change Ichigo's families memories and waits to confront Ichigo about the situation. The next day at school Rukia pulls Ichigo off to side after he refuses to help her do her Soul Reaping duties. She confronts him with a choice and gets his support.

    Early stories

    Throughout the early stories of Bleach Rukia is seen trying to teach Ichigo the ways of the Soul Reapers. When Orihime is attacked by a Hollow Rukia explains to Ichigo that Hollows tend to attack surviving family members first, before looking for more souls to fill their emptiness. Rukia follows Ichigo to Orihime after they are attacked by Acidwire in Ichigo's room. After battling with the Hollow at Orihime's Rukia reveals that Hollows are in fact human spirits that have lost their heart's connection to this world. Rukia then explains that is the reason Soul Reapers strike for Hollow's face, so they don't have to see the person's face.

    Rukia then meets a parakeet that has a human spirit trapped in it. Rukia senses the spirit quickly and tells Ichigo that they have to perform Soul Funeral on the spirit so that it can rest peacefully. They find that a Hollow is hunting the parakeet and the person that is guarding it. Unfortunately the parakeet is protected by Ichigo's close friend Chad. Rukia tries to fight off a Hollow that uses lesser Hollows as a weapon. Since Ichigo is not present when the Hollow first attacks Rukia tries to use her weakened powers to do the best she can to defeat the Hollow. Rukia finds that it is too hard to fight the Hollow by herself and teams up with Chad to protect the parakeet. When the Hollow gets some of his projectile Hollows to capture the parakeet he demands that Rukia run from him so that he can enjoy hunting her like he did his victims while he was a serial killer during his human life. While running from the vicious Hollow Rukia learns that the spirit in the parakeet is actually the son of the killer's last victim. The Hollow explains that while trying to kill the child's mother he gets tripped by the kid and falls off the balcony and dies. As his last act of revenge the Hollow attaches the kid's soul to a parakeet. When Ichigo finally arrives Rukia removes him from his body and lets him finish the fight. After the Hollow is finished off Rukia and Ichigo exorcise the boy's spirit and wipe Chad's memories of the events.

    Soon after that story Rukia notices that Ichigo and his family are acting rather differently than they usually do. At school Rukia continues toi see Ichigo act oddly, and watches when he and his family have a family meeting to plan something. When she decides to press Ichigo for the reason he explains that his family is gonna have to be left alone for the next day, the day that his mother was killed. Rukia decides to follow Ichigo and get more information from him the next day, but only ends up making him distraught. Rukia hears Ichigo claim that he is the reason his mother died and when she asks if it may have been a Hollow she finally pushes Ichigo too far and leaves him angry and upset. Rukia retreats a short distance to contemplate her insensitivity to the situation and plans on leaving for the Kurosaki clinic when she receives a page from the Soul Society about a Hollow's appearance in the human world. Rukia moves quickly to warn Ichigo, but they are barely arrive in time to assist Ichigo's sisters as the Hollow tries to eat them. Rukia knows she can't help Ichigo when the Hollow reveals that it was the reason that Ichigo's mother died. Rukia almost steps in the fight to give Ichigo some help, but remembers a lesson that she learned about people sometimes having to fight by themselves to retain their honor. Rukia instead place's Kon's pill in Ichigo's body and moves his sisters to safety. Rukia only returns to the fight after being begged by Kon to do it to protect him from having to live with Ichigo;'s family for the rest of his life. When Rukia returns she steps in only when Ichigo becomes too injured to continue. Rukia heals Ichigo and takes Kon back to the clinic.

    Trying to get in touch with the human world Rukia goes with Ichigo and some of the others to see the taping of a popular TV series, Spiritual Hotsprings. While watching the videos Rukia senses a new threat, a human spirit beginning to turn Hollow. Rukia and Ichigo first decide to return and free the spirit later, but they are shocked as the host of the show, Don Konoji begins to speed up the process on accident. The spirit turns and Rukia fights to get Ichigo from his body so that he can fight the Hollow. When security jumps on the two of them Rukia and Ichigo are helpless until Kisuke Urahara shows up and releases Ichigo's inner Soul Reaper. After the whole ordeal Rukia and Ichigo leave to wait for the next Hollow.

    Quincy Archer and Battle of the Rubicon series

    Rukia starts to worry that things are starting to breakdown when her pager gets bad reports and there is no one in trouble. Eventually the two meet Uryu, a human with high spirit powes called a Quincy. Rukia decides to investigate what a Quincy is and goes to meet Kisuke. Rukia is devastated by what she learns and sets out to find Ichigo. When she finally finds his body she is greeted by Kon. Rukia puts him in a submission hold until Uryu saves them from a Hollow. Rukia is then relieved to see Ichigo arrive. When he goes after Uryu Rukia reveals the story behind Quincys and Soul Reapers. She explains how the Soul Reapers tried to wipe out the Quincies. Rukia sees the Hollows retreat to regroup in the sky and open the portal for the Menos Grande. She then decides that the best course of action would be to call Ichigo off and let them regroup. Kisuke interferes again and binds Rukia using a kido so that she doesn't in the way. After Ichigo defeats the Menos, Rukia returns to his house to plan her escape from the human world so the she can return to the Soul Society.

    Capture and Return to the Soul Society

    After her last day at school Rukia tries to leave Ichigo so that she can find a way back to the Soul Society, placing nothing more than a note for Ichigo. As she is running through the city Rukia begins to think back about all the people she is leaving and doesn't notice when Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki sneak up on her. Rukia was still too weak to defend herself, but is saved as Uryu steps in to fight for her. Unfortunately Renji quickly overpowers Uryu and gets ready for the kill when Ichigo arrives. Rukia can only watch helplessly as Ichigo is stopped by her own brother. After the battle between Ichigo and Byakuya, Rukia refutes Ichigo when he won't quit. She even Tells Ichigo not to follow.

    Soul Society Storyline

    When Rukia and her captures return to the Soul Society she is kept in a jail cell at first, where she torments Renji whenever he visits, but is informed by Byakuya that her sentence has been hastened and she is to be moved to the Tower of Penitence soon. Rukia secretly hopes that her brother or someone else will come to their senses and release her, but that hope fades when she is left to her new cell in a white tower that overlooks the execution grounds. Rukia is informed by Renji just before her room is enclosed that an orange haired Soul Reaper has appeared out side of the Soul Society. Rukia awaits her execution in he tower and is visited by her captain Jushiro Ukitake when suddenly Ganju and Hanataro arrive.

    Flashbacks of the Soul Society

    While Rukia is awaiting her execution she has two flashbacks that tie into her history. One flashback cover Rukia's childhood where she meets Renji for the first time. During the flashback Rukia is seen as a young child who exists and survives by making friends with Renji and his gang. Rukia and Renji show a lot of talent that could one day be Soul Reapers. they hold off on becoming Soul Reapers until they have outlived all their friends.

    In the second Flashback Rukia remembers when she was first assigned to Jushiro and meets her lieutenant Kaien and his wife. While on a hunt for a Hollow Kaien's wife becomes infected by a Hollow that can possess it's victim and hide inside of them. When Jushiro, Kaien, and Rukia discover the truth and hunt down the Hollow a duel is started between Kaien and the Hollow. Rukia starts to enter the fight to help Kaien after he sees his wife, but Jushiro stops her. He tells her that there are two things at stakes in a duel, victory and Honor. Jushiro chastises Rukia for trying to enter the fight. He sights that even if Kaien wins with her help, he will have lost his honor. Rukia waits until the Hollow possesses Kaien, then she steps in and destroys the Hollow and Kaien. After Rukia finishes off the Hollow Rukia collects Kaien's body and takes it to his family, where she meets Ganju for the first time.

    Soul Society Arc/ Aizen's Secret.

    Ichigo Finally Saving Rukia
    Ichigo Finally Saving Rukia

    As the door to Rukia's cell is opened she is greeted by Ganju, Kaien's brother, who still thinks that she murdered his brother. Ganju is ready to kill Rukia when Byakuya arrives and attacks Ganju, almost killing him. As Rukia watches in Horror Byakuya accuses Jushiro of going against the Inner Council's orders. Then Ichigo steps in and threatens Byakuya. Before Ichigo, who is still recovering from his wounds from Ikakku and Kenpachi, can get himself killed Yoruichi arrives and takes Ichigo to train for his Bankai. Rukia is placed back into the cell until the day of her execution. As she is being transported to the Sokyoku by guards. She is seen by Gin Ichimaru who offers to save her, but the reveals that he was only tormenting her.

    Execution and Bankai Battles

    Byakuya saves Rukia.
    Byakuya saves Rukia.

    As Rukia arrives at the Sokyuko she is greeted by several of the captains that have not decided to help Ichigo. Jushiro and Kyoraku step up first to stop the Sokyuko, while Yuroichi takes out the Military Ops and it's captain and Ichigo finishes off the remaining lieutenants and prepares to duel Byakuya. After Rukia is pulled from the execution scaffolding Ichigo hoists Rukia into the air and throws her fastball style to Renji, who is still slow and weak from battling Byakuya. Renji manages the catch and flees with Rukia while Ichigo covers their retreat. By the time the battle between Byakua and Ichigo is over Rukia and Renji make it to the bottom of the Sokyuko , but are captured by Tosen and returned. At the Sokyuko again Rukia and Renji are greeted by Aizen, who reveals his plan to obtain the Orb of Distortion inside of Rukia. the Orb was a device created by Urahara to store up spirit power. Aizen discovered that the Orb was hidden inside of Rukia and was setting up the execution so he could extract it. Since his plans were ruined by Ichigo and the others Aizen just tears the Orb from Rukia's body. After he has the Orb Aizen orders Gin to kill off Rukia since he has already taken out Ichigo and Renji. Gin's attack is foiled and Rukia is saved by Byakuya.

    Time to Heal

    Rukia and the others lick their wounds after Aizen escapes to Hueco Mundo. During this time Rukia learns that Byakuya has been keeping to promises that he made to several people in his life. One promise was to his wife, and Rukia's sister, Hisana that he would not let Rukia know that they are related by marriage. Hisana abandoned Rukia in the outer city because she couldn't take care of her, and then could never find her after she married Byakuya and before she died. The second promise was to his family. Rukia learns that her brother had promised to his family when they died that he would never shame them again. Rukia stays back in the Soul Society for a short time afterwards to help heal and mend relationships and bodies.

    Arrancar Storyline

    After Ichigo loses his battle to two Arrancar Rukia and several other Soul Reapers return to the human world to assist Ichigo and the others against the Arrancar. Rukia and Ichigo run into D- Roy, who Rukia makes short work of using her Zanpakuto's release form. After Ichigo and Rukia finish off D- Roy Grimmjow Jaggerjack shows up and asks to fight the stronger warrior. When Rukia warns Ichigo to run Grimmjow punches a hole through her. Rukia is healed by Orihime and she later gives Orihime a pep talk about how important Orihime is to Ichigo. When Orihime is ready Rukia pulls her to the side and takes her to Soul Society to train and improve each others powers.

    Into Hueco Mundo

    Ichigo and the others run into another team of high powered Arrancars, including Grimmjow again, and begin their battles. Rukia is again severely injured by Grimmjow, but is saved this time by Shinji Hikaro. With Orihime turning to the Arrancar so that they won't attack her friends anymore Ichigo and the others set off to save Orihime. At first the Soul Reapers are all gathered by Byakuya and Kenpachi, but Rukia and Renji gets special clearance from Byakuya to help the humans.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rukia is actually an accomplished Soul Reaper. She finished at the top of her class in most arts, and especially kidou (spells). Throughout the series she uses many different spells (Some for blast, some for binding, and some for healing.) Like most Soul Reapers Rukia has learned to concentrate her spirit energy to enhance her strength, attack power, ability to walk on air and water, and open portals. Rukia also gains the ability to alter ice when she unlocks her Zanpakuto.

    Kidou (demon magic)

    Rukia is one of the more accomplished wielders of Kidou (or demon magic). Kidou is a particular blend of magic that can be wielded in three different ways, depending on the wielders skill. The most basic Kidou must be intoned fully before use, and is akin to poetry in its sounding, before finishing with the name of the spell (for example: Blue fire, Crash down, Rukia's signature blast). The second level that can be achieved in Kidou lets it be used with only the name of the spell spoken (for example, Rukia can intone 'Shot of red lightning' using only its name and no intoning of the magic words). the third level of Kidou is master: enabling the use of spells with no incantation. Regardless of the mastery level of Kidou, it is more powerful to intone the spell fully, even if you can use a spell with no incantation. However in the heat of an intense battle, being able to use Kidou magic with no incantation instantly can be a huge advantage. Rukia is of the second level mastery in Kidou: she can cast spells with just the name intoned. Her signature and favorite Kidou spell attack is Blue fire: crash down.


    Rukia's zanpakuto Sode No Shirayuki resembles a normal katana when it is sealed. Early in the series Sode No Shirayuki isn't seen much though. Sode No Shirayuki is absorbed by Ichigo and reflects his personality when he uses it.


    Shikai form
    Shikai form

    When Sode No Shirayuki is released the sword turns all white from the tip of the blade to the end of the hilt's ribbon. The Zanpakuto's hand guard becomes a circle, the blade changes colors, and a ribbon grows from the end of the hilt. While Rukia is fighting D- Roy her gigai reveals that her Zanpakuto is regarded as one of the Soul Society's most beautiful Zanpakuto. The Zanpakuto has various uses in it's released form.

    Rukia's releases are referred to as dances.

    • Tsukishiro ('White Moon') - The first dance creates a barrier of ice around it's target that eventually freezes them too.
    • Hakuren ('White Ripple') - The second dance creates a blast of ice that is aimed at an opponent.
    • Shirafune ('White Sword') - The third dance reconstructs the Zanpakuto from any ice particles that are around it. The dance also cuts through whatever coems between itself and it's hilt.
    • Juhaku ('White tree') Rukia stabs the ground resulting in a trail of ice in the direction of her intended target. The ice freezes the target from below and results in the target being incased in ice
    • Ice Rope Connection. If Rukia cannot reach her Zanpakuto, she can create a trail of ice to her Zanpakuto's hilt allowing her to use her Zanpakuto's abilities.

    Recently, Rukia soon further developed her Shikai which allows her to freeze at Absolute zero for 4 seconds since she can only hold it for that long. While doing this, she kills herself in a manner where she is "not among the living" by controlling her reaitsu. She stops all the molecules in her body and doesn't allow any substance to enter her. Although she is still able to be attacked by an optical attack. She can create ice quakes, and flash freeze anyone who is her intended target.


    Hakka no Togame (白霞罸, Censure of the White Haze - "White Haze Punishment")

    Rukia in her Newlyfound Bankai
    Rukia in her Newlyfound Bankai

    Rukia's physical appereance as well as her clothing changes into a nearly clear white. Her blade becomes Ice and her hair white. She has a small ice formation at the center of her chest and long white ribbons center around her back. Her Kimono is ankle length with lined patterns.

    Bankai Ability -

    Her Bankai allows her to further her reach of Absolute Zero. Upon release, a pillar of cold mist surrounds the vicinity which is her range. Anything within the area of mist, is frozen. When frozen, victims or intended targets soon crumble in a matter of seconds. Physical contact results in the freezing of another person.

    Sode no Shirayuki ("Sleeves of the White Snow")

    No Caption Provided

    Sode no Shirayuki is regarded as one of the most beautiful zanpakuto in the whole of the Soul Society. The spirit avatar of Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia and her Spiritual share the same abilties, abeit from the showings in the anime, the spirit fights and uses her power more effectively in battle.


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