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With the ability to absorb the sound waves around him and send them back with concussive force by screaming, Mr. Sinister favored Ruckus and often kept him in reserve.


Ruckus was created by Peter David and Larry Stroman and first appeared in X-Factor Vol.1 issue 75 (1992).

Major Story Arcs

Against X-Factor

Unfortunately, Ruckus' youth makes him arrogant, as seen when he and his comrade, Ramrod, robbed a convenience store and obliterated a group of police officers. The act did not go unpunished, and when returning to base, Ruckus was put in his place. While working with a renegade Madrox dupe, Ruckus was put in direct conflict with the mutant group X-Factor. Flying in a hovercraft, he went after Polaris, using the sound of a firecracker to amplify and literally rock her world. Polaris was eventually able to take him out, but he escaped with teammate Gorgeous George.

He later appeared along with the rest of the Nasty Boys on a mission to stop Malice who had inhabited Havok's body. Ruckus was the first to strike catching Malice off guard.Eventually, X-Factor joined the battle and Ruckus was taken out by Strong Guy. After the battle, Mr. Sinister grabbed his Nasty Boys and fled.

Killer for Hire and M-Day

He was eventually hired by Mystique to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly, but failed when the X-Men showed up. His current whereabouts are unknown and even if he is still with Mr. Sinister, although he was one of the mutants to retain their powers after M-Day.

Prison and death

Ruckus and Ramrod were rescued by the X-Men in a prison. Later, he and the rest of the Nasty Boys (except from Slab) were used by the Upstarts and killed, as a bait to find the X-Men.

Powers & Abilities

Using his power ...
Using his power ...

Ruckus has the ability to absorb the sound waves around him and send them back with concussive force using his vocal cords.

Other Versions

What If?

Ruckus appears here, where Magneto took over the USA .He was eventually killed by Wolverine along with the other Nasty Boys.

Other Media


X-Men The Animated Series

Ruckus in The Animated Series ...
Ruckus in The Animated Series ...

Ruckus appeared here as the leader of the Nasty Boys. He seemed to be older, but the others often cracked jokes at him being Sinister's lapdog. He also appeared in several issues of X-Men Adventures, a comic book based on the animated series.


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