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Ruby Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost in the alternate Marvel future/universe known as Earth-1191, home time line of characters such as Bishop, Shard, and Trevor Fitzroy. As a newly introduced character, little is known about Ruby's origins or past. However, she has managed to survive outside of the mutant internment camps, living freely in Atlantic City. She comes into contact with the time-stranded Layla Miller and takes her to her father, a considerably aged Cyclops, who has survived with the help of cybernetic prosthetics. Layla convinces Ruby to follow the dream of the X-Men and fight for the freedom of mutant-kind. Ruby journeys to New York and along with her two friends, Dwayne and Linqon, begins the tide-turning "Summers Rebellion." Ruby joins with pro-mutant humans and fights the oppression of mutants by humans.


Peter David and Valentine De Landro created Ruby.

Character Evolution

Layla goes back in time and gets Madrox to go back to the future with her. In the future Jamie appeared on top of Layla who used some sort of machine to get Jamie, within seconds a sentinel attacked the building they were in, Layla hugged Jamie as the two prepared to die, but then they were saved by Ruby. Layla informs Jamie she has brought him 80 years in the future. Ruby then tells Layla she wasn't supposed to use the machine for that, that Ruby had warned her about not doing exactly that. They are then attacked by another sentinel before they are saved by Hecat'e, Daemon, and Cyclops.

Ruby Summers
Ruby Summers

The team take Layla and Madrox back to Atlantic City. While they Cyclops asks Madrox for help on something. This leads Madrox, Layla, and Ruby going to visit Doctor Doom in Detroit. While there they are attacked by sentinels, but another member of the Summers Rebellion shows up, Trevor Fitzroy, or Fitz as Ruby calls him. He teleports the sentinels away. Then Ruby is very excited to see him, to lead us all to believe they were in a romantic relationship. The team takes Doom back to Atlantic City, where they are attacked by sentinels and Cortex who teleports to this time from the present. He ends up shooting and killing Fitzroy. Ruby goes crazy and tries to revenge his death but can't. This causes Ruby to freak out, she ends up asking Layla if she can do something. Layla says no, Ruby says you have done it before. Layla replies and says yes with animals not people. Ruby asks again in such despair. Layla tells her that the moment things look bad she will take it back, and Ruby agrees. Layla places her hands on Fitzroy and brings him back to life. Layla and Madrox soon teleport back to the present and we don't know what happened to Ruby or the rest of the Summers Rebellion, we only know Fitzroy becomes a super villain.


Optic Blast!
Optic Blast!
  1. Ruby has optic force blasts like her father, though hers are black in color.
  2. She has an invulnerable gemstone form: red ruby with blond hair. This form can be maintained for decades, and prevents aging and the need for food, water, and oxygen. However, she doesn't know what will happen if she were to return to her normal state.

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