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    Rubbermaid was a member of Alpha Squadron. She was de-powered after M-Day and killed by Williams Strikers men during a raid on the Xavier institute.

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    Andrea Margulies was one of the youngest students at the Xavier Institute. Her life before she attended the school remains unknown to this day.


    Rubbermaid was created by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca and first appeared in X-Treme X-Men 20 (2003).

    Major Story Arcs

    X-Treme X-Men

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    Rubbermaid attended the Xavier School after she found out she was a mutant. She became good friends with Tantra, Gloom, Silicon, Zach, and Jeffrey Garrett. When Jeffrey was accused of murder, Bishop and Sage came to investigate. Rubbermaid and her friends decided to start playing pranks on the two X-Men. Rubbermaid attempted to wrap herself around Bishop , but Bishop managed to subdue the girl. It is then revealed by Emma Frost that Jeffrey Garrett had won Andrea’s heart. When Bishop and Sage returned to the Institute, Andrea wrapped herself around Jeffrey after he was shot by Sage so he would receive no further harm. When Jeffrey woke up, he told her to run, but she would not leave him. When Emma arrived, the children were all gone. She rushed to the Danger Room where they found the children. Following the formation of training squads, Rubbermaid was assigned a new advisor, Northstar, and was placed in Alpha Squadron. The squad was left in grief after Northstar was seemingly killed. Former New Mutant, Karma, took over as the squad'd advisor.


    Disaster struck for Andrea following the events of M-Day. She lost her powers, earning herself a seat on the bus back home. As the bus was departing from the school a missile fired by the mutant hating Purifiers collided with it, destroying the bus and killing her and all of the other depowered students aboard the bus.


    Andrea was one of the many mutants resurrected by the Five. She ended abducted while in Texas, but was rescued by Juggernaut and his team of the Unstoppables and was brought back to Krakoa safely.


     Andrea's Elastic Capabilities
    Andrea's Elastic Capabilities

    Rubbermaid can break away from the boundaries of the physical human anatomy and turn her body into a rubber like substance which she can stretch along a long distance. This power also allows her to absorb a great amount of damage from bullets, projectiles etc. though she can still be cut. Her powers give her the same setbacks as rubber, for example, if exposed to great heat she will 'melt' and if exposed to great cold she will begin to freeze.


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