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    An ex-military turned mercenary, Royce knew he was a bad man. After oulling a job in a war-torn section of Africa Royce was abducted to the Game Preserve planet by the Predators and used as prey. In the film he is portrayed by Adrien Brody.

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    Royce is the first character introduced in Predators. He wakes up in free fall initially panicking but discovers what appears to be a parachute strapped to him. After attempting and failing to get the chute to open, the chute opens on its own and Royce survives the fall. Afterwards Royce ends up in a group consisting of Isabelle an IDF sniper, Nikolai a Spetnaz, Stans a death row convict, Hanzo a Yakuza hitman, Mombasa an RUF soldier, Cuchillo a cartel enforcer, and Edwin a doctor. Royce then begins to notice a pattern that all of his companions, save Edwin, are some of the best killers on the planet. After being flushed out by some of the Predators hounds, Royce then realizes that he and his company are on an alien game preserve and they are the ones being hunted. Royce then becomes the reluctant leader of the group and leads them to the Predators camp only to ambushed by the Predators themselves, though it's revealed that Royce had used his companions as bait in order to learn more about the Predators much to Isabelle's chagrin. Realizing that he won't survive on his own, Royce gets the group to follow his lead again. This time they work on setting a trap for the Predators but another alien that had been dropped into the preserve triggers it. After killing the alien Royce and the group meet Noland, a survivor on the planet, and they learn from Noland that there are two tribes of Predators that are locked in a blood feud of sorts and that they have a ship to get themselves off planet. When Royce decides to commandeer the Predator's ship, Noland attempts to suffocate them with smoke to take their weapons and gear, but Royce fires a grenade to get the Predators' attention. Royce and the remaining members attempt to make a break for the ship but begin to die off one by one till all that remains is Royce, Isabelle, and Edwin. When Edwin triggers a bear trap and critically injures himself, Royce opts to leave him behind saying that Edwin will slow them down and the Predators are counting on that. Isabelle won't abandon him and Royce takes off on his own. Royce returns to the camp and bargains with a captured Predator from the opposing tribe, Royce frees it and the Predator takes him back to Earth. Just when it seems the deal is struck, the Berserker Predator with a captured Isabelle and Edwin attacks. Royce heads for the ship and it appears he has taken off. The Berserker Predator activates the ship's self destruct and it is assumed that Royce is killed. However it turns out that Royce decided to stay and returns for Edwin and Isabelle. Just when Edwin, who had previously revealed his own murderous nature to Isabelle, attempts to kill Royce, Royce pulls a fast one and ends up rigging Edwin with explosives and using him for bait against the Berserker Predator. Right when the Predator takes it, Royce springs his trap that consists of a massive fire to mask his heat signature. For awhile Royce seems able to have the advantage but the Predator begins to track him by his heart beat and turns the tables on Royce. Thanks to an assist from Isabelle, Royce is able to gain the upper hand and manages to kill the Berserker Predator. After the fight Royce and Isabelle introduce themselves to one another and take off together hoping to survive as long as they can till they can find a way off the planet.

    Predators: Preserve the Game

    Set some months after the events of Predators, Royce and Isabelle have separated but Royce hints at a growing familiarity between the two as he refers to her by Izzy. After getting sick of being alone Royce reunites with Isabelle and the two begin a sexual relationship. Afterwards the Predators drop Royce a package consisting of armor that has been modified specifically for him and soon after a four armed Predator is dropped and attacks him and Isabelle. Attempting their success with the Berserker Predator Royce and Isabelle try to double team the four armed Predator but Isabelle fails to make the shot. Using the tech in his armor Royce manages to kill the Predator but he and Isabelle remain trapped on the preserve.


    In the film Royce is portrayed as cold, aloof, and self-serving. He only sticks with his companions initially because he knows his chances for survival will be better in a group than on his own. He and Isabelle but heads about their profession as Royce doesn't seem to value any life but his own, to which Royce counters by saying Isabelle has to justify what she does and is therefore self-righteous. After his experiences Royce grows to care about his companions, mainly Isabelle and begins a more intimate relationship with her in Predators: Preserve the Game. Royce also seems to be a fan of Ernest Hemingway.


    Adrien Brody claimed he had been "blown away" by Predator and viewed his role as a challenge, wanting to bring a complexity to the character that would contrast with Schwarzenegger's muscle-bound role in the original film. He did put on twenty-five pounds of muscle for the role, stating that "I want it to be entertaining and part of the ride that people see when they see a movie like that. But that's not really why I'm in it and that's not really what I brought to it. I brought the same kind of discipline that I would to a film like The Pianist." Antal and Rodriguez specifically wanted to avoid casting an actor physically similar to Schwarzenegger, wanting to "go in a very different direction" and reasoning that real-life soldiers are wiry and tough rather than burly. We thought casting a physically 'Schwarzenegger-esque' character would have done the original film a disservice", said Antal, "and would have done this film a disservice because we are not trying to remake or copy the original film. I told everybody early on that I can make anybody look tough. What I can't do is teach them how to act". Brody has expressed interest in reprising his role in future


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