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The man known as Royal Blue was selected by Michael Hall, along with four other men, to act as an enforcer. To this end, he was given a suit composed of a titanium-augmented symbiotic alloy. 


Royal Blue was created by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain

Major Story Arcs


Royal Blue first appears alongside Firebrick, intervening in a riot situation involving Iron Man and Spider-Man, and centred around a mysterious armoured truck that is under siege by Doppelganger. Royal Blue attempts to dispel the riot, but succumbs to the thrill of violence and begins to act erratically, lashing out violently at civilians. His actions are cut short when he notices Doppelganger who, as a nonhuman, can be dealt with with lethal force. He shoots Doppelganger, but accidentally shoots Dr Tanis Nieves in the process, killing Doppelganger and severing the arm of the doctor. Wracked with guilt, he briefly shuts himself off from the outside world, though is brought back to reality by Iron Man. He and Firebrick depart, and return to Ravencroft where they, along with the other members of their team, are confronted some weeks later by the heroes who have learned of their connections to Hall and the symbiote-like nature of their suits. During the confrontation, Carnage is accidentally released, and Royal Blue and the other team members abandon their fight with the heroes to pursue it. They are unable to stop the symbiote from reuniting with Cletus Kasady, and find themselves hopelessly outmatched due to the symbiote's control over their own armour. Carnage takes control of Royal Blue's armour and ultimately kills him, along with the other four men. Royal Blue's body is then assimilated into Mass Carnage, which fights, and is ultimately defeated by, Spider-Man. The ultimate fate of Royal Blue's body is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Royal Blue wears a suit of titanium-augmented symbiotic alloy which allows him a number of powers. While in the suit he gains superhuman strength, invulnerability and endurance. He also possesses a powerful energy weapon. Through the suit he is capable of unaided flight. It also allows him to produce a weblike substance not unlike that produced by the alien symbiotes from which his suit is derived. He is a competent hand-to-hand fighter and has some knowledge of weaponry. 

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