Roy Raymond Jr.

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    A former talk show personality, Roy Raymond JR. was selected by Batman to take his place as the Outsider's resident detective. Using Owl themed equipment gifted unto him by Batman, Roy takes his crusade against the scum of the Earth to the next level as Owlman.

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    Welcomed into the newly formed Outsiders
    Welcomed into the newly formed Outsiders

    The television world would know the charismatic Roy Raymond Jr. as a well known talk show host. It was a tabloid television series in Gotham City called "Roy Raymond Jr: Manstalker." He was considered by many as arrogant, inept, and a huge embarrassment to his grandfather, but Batman described him as one of the few detectives he admired. However more important was his background of which the real world knew little of, Roy is the grandson of Roy Raymond. He grew to have a very sharp analytical mind and had great detective skills, solving mysteries as a child, but didn't want to use them for anything seriously. His grandfather Roy often looked down on him for this, but Roy Jr. ignored him and continued life with ambitions of hitting celebrity status .

    While staying in Keystone City, Roy Jr. runs into situation which he saves a little girl's life and nearly beat a man who was abusing her, finding all this out through his natural detective mind. Soon after this event the personal aid to Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth contacted him and offered him a chance to join the newly forming Outsiders. Apparently, Batman had been watching him for awhile now and wanted him to be a part of the team, seeing an important fixture which could create. He represents Batman's deductive ability and intelligence, mirroring Batman in the group and has quite a hard exterior towards his teammates. He has grown closer to them though as they went through a fight with the Insiders. Owlman has specifically stated how he especially finds Metamorpho and Creeper to be annoying and counterproductive to the team, although falling on deaf ears.


    Roy was created by Chuck Dixon in Robin #38

    Character Evolution

    Like Bruce, Roy doesn't deal well with nonsense very well. He is a very straight forward kind of guy. He has very strong morals and will act by them no matter what. He is a very sensible guy.

    Major Story Arcs


    During his time with the Outsiders, he helped fight the Insiders and showed his morals when the team split up because of Geo-Force. He ended up being teamed with Metamorpho, Black Lightning, and The Olympian. They travel to Markovia for a final showdown, but eventually the situation was resolved. Owlman was there when Batman disbanded them.

    Abilities and Paraphernalia

    Claws deep in the fray
    Claws deep in the fray

    Owlman has no superpowers, but like Batman, has as suit with various gadgets and abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with. The suit has a detachable set of ears, Boot thruster which grant flight, and is pressurized so he can go far beneath the Earth's limits and has various sensors for various purposes. These are usually used on any clues the Outsiders get on the scene of a crime. He has a impressive amount of intelligence and detective ability. He also possesses expertise in a myriad of types of Hand to Hand fighting skills, but exactly to what extent has not been assessed and is still unknown.

    His sophisticated armored suit is a padded gray body-stocking, he wears a thick yet light large cape, and his cowl is fitted with devices for various purposes. Owlman's whole suit including cape and cowl are outfitted with numerous tools and weapons allowing him to have a gadget or tool needed for many different scenarios.


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