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Roxy Leech was created by Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazlewood in 1993 as a supporting cast member to Superboy.

Character Evolution

Roxy Leech is the daughter of Rex Leech, a get-rich-quick entrepreneur. She flirted with Superboy and was able to convince him to be managed by her father. While her father saw Superboy as a meal ticket, Roxy started to develop true feelings for him.

Determined not to follow her father's shady footsteps, Roxy took Superboy's advice and trained to be a police cadet in the Hawaii Special Crimes Unit. This led to Roxy to aid Superboy in his several of his adventures against various super-powered villains with the help of the S.C.U. Soon Roxy found a rival for Superboy's affection in reporter Tana Moon. Roxy eventually realized Superboy's heart belonged to Tana and his feelings for her were more friendly than romantic. Surprisingly, Roxy and Tana managed to become good friends despite their initial rivalry.

Superboy later developed a genetic disorder that literally unraveled his DNA. The only solution was finding a genetic donor his age for his genetics to re-pattern. Roxy's DNA sample helped to stabilize Superboy. The result made their genetic patterns so similar they both lost any romantic sparks and now consider each other like family.

After Superboy left Hawaii so did Roxy and Rex. Rex once again found himself in trouble and financial debt. Concocting a plan, Roxy stole the Whiz Wagon from Cadmus to participate in a death-defying race for a huge prize. Ultimately losing the race, Roxy left promising Superboy she'd make up for her mistake.

Roxy ended up bonding with a confused alien girl on the run named Pyra, a fire elemental, which threatened Roxy's life. Her father brought her to Project Cadmus to seek aid. Superboy and the Titans with the help of researchers from the Project successfully separated Roxy from the alien entity.


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