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The natives of Trom had the ability to transmute any element into another element. Roxxas, who wanted access to this power to create great wealth, attempted to force the natives of Trom to obey him. When they refused, Roxxas destroyed everyone on the planet. The Legion of Super-Heroes and Element Lad manage to capture Roxxas and send him to prison.

After learning that Roxxas has escaped from prison, Element Lad tracks the pirate to Trom. Angry over the death of his people, Element Lad attempts to kill the former pirate, but is prevented from executing Roxxas by fellow Legionnaire Chemical King. Element Lad's need for revenge is satisfied when he learns that Roxxas has been insane by his guilt over the genocide of Trom.

haunted by the ghosts of Trom
haunted by the ghosts of Trom


In his original appearance Roxxas had no special abilities.

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