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    A demon member of the Empire of Tears and sister of Qull, the being that planted the seeds of doubt into the mind of Abin Sur. She is one of the Five Inversions.

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    A demon member of the Empire of Tears and sister of Qull, the being that planted the seeds of doubt into the mind of Abin Sur. She is one of the Five Inversions. She along with the other members of the Five Inversions were killed by fellow member, Atrocitus in order to create his new Red Lantern Corps.

    In the new 52 she is first introduced on the home planet of Atrocitus, drawn towards his rage together with fellow inversion member Qull (and unknown at first Orphram and Dal-Xauix watching from a 'marginal zone' existing 'two thoughts away from this reality') she finds Atrocitus kneeling over a dead Manhunter.

    They continue to express their desire for Atrocitus to join them believing his rage will grant them focus, using the fact that they both hate the Guardians as much as Atrocitus does for banishing them from their magic realms.

    Together they form the Empire of Tears where they rule for eons and eventually after an incident with Atrocitus in an attempt to save his own life he says that he loves her and confronts her with how lonely she must feel after these eons alone.. Its then implied that they enter a love affair, its currently unknown if Roixeaume actually believed Atrocitus loved her or if she was just playing along for some sinister purpose, soon after she grants him the gift of blood prophecy.

    After their eventual defeat by the hands of the guardians as punishment for Qull's toying with Abin Sur all the inversions together with Atrocitus and Roixeaume is confined to Ysmault, a dreadful planet, apparently left to die.

    Atrocitus eventually breaks free and kills them all, including Roixeaume in who's eyes he believe he saw gratitude in that final moment, he then proceeds to use their blood to create the Red Lantern battery. Recent events however have shown that a powerful being like Roixeaume and the inversions might not be as easily killed as believed.. And it is possible that she is still alive.

    Powers & Abilities

    Blood Magic

    Her main power is a powerful blood magic, she successfully used it to gift the ability of conjuring prophecies to Atrocitus, this implies she can do it herself as well.


    Time seems to have no effect on Roixeaume or the other inversions.

    Red Light Energy Manipulation

    Roixeaume has been shown to burn things with this energy much in the same way as a red lantern would, she has also been shown to grab and move objects and people with it, and she has used it for flying through space.


    She has shown the ability to detect nearby life and hate and it is likely she has some sort of connection with the marginal realm as well.


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