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    Character » Roxanne Simpson Blaze appears in 144 issues.

    Roxanne is the late wife of Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider. She became the Black Rose after her death.

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    Roxanne Simpson was Johnny Blaze's childhood sweetheart. The two of them grew up together in the traveling circus where both Roxanne's parents and Johnny's father worked. Later on, Roxanne's parents adopted Johnny after his father died. Roxanne and Johnny where now closer then ever before and their romance blossomed.


    Roxanne Simpson was created by Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog and first appeared in Marvel Spotlight Vol.1 issue 5 (1972).

    Major Story Arcs

    Ghost Rider Ends a Love

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    Roxanne and Johnny's romance was at their best. Trouble would however arise very soon, as Roxanne's father was diagnosed with cancer which would be fatal to him. Roxanne and Johnny tried to help their (adoptive) father by finding a cure and eventually found it in making a literal deal with the devil. Roxanne's father would live if Johnny Blaze would host a demon inside for him. The deal proved succesfull and Roxanne's father was miraculously cured. It was not much later however that Roxanne's father was fatally wounded after a motor-crash. This and the re-accuring appearances of the Ghost Rider let Johnny to believe he had to leave Roxanne in order for her to lead a normal life. Roxanne was not seen for some time until she helped Johnny and his alter-ego to stop some demons, which also caused the Ghost Rider demon to leave Johnny's body. This made it possible for them to finally renew their romance. The couple soon afterwards married and had two children, named Craig and Emma.

    Peace Never Lasts

    Roxanne was now a mother of two and worked at the carnival they grew up in with her husband Johnny Blaze. The good times where however not to last. When a new Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) appeared on the scene, it dragged Roxanne and Johnny back into the fold, especially after enemies of this new Ghost Rider kidnapped their children. Although Johnny eventually managed to return their children, fate struck once more as the demon known as Hellgate killed Roxanne and seemingly killed her children too (although the children later appeared, apparently alive and working with the entity known as the Wendigo).

    Return to Life as Black Rose

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    Johnny was devastated by the loss of his wife. Roxanne was buried, but her peace was not for long, as she was returned from the dead and turned into Black Rose by the demon known as Blackheart, whom forced her to fight for him. Blackheart was defeated, and Roxanne seemingly was laid to rest once more.


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