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Bio History

Rover is the name given to the creature by Hawkeye of the Avengers, It was genetically created by an organization called the Secret Empire who were currently stationed on an isolated area of Canada near a Glacier. Rover managed to escape it's pen and escape the compound but was immediately pursued by the compound guards. A small army was sent to retrieve it using everything from men on foot to snow vehicles and air support chopper with chain guns.

Rover was unable to make too far before he was wounded taking multiple fire and nearly dying if not for the timely rescue of Hawkeye. Hawkeye manage to shoot down the helicopter and save Rover taking him to a nearby town and finding it a doctor and vet to help save its life. Rover was able to recover from its wounds the following day surprising the Doctor and Vet, The Secret Empire looking for it's experiment started buzzing over the town leaving Hawkeye and Rover no choice but to return to the compound in hopes of dismantling it's operation. Saving the other animals who were being experimented on including Rover's pack but also to leading the scouting party away from the small town and its people.

Returning to the compound they were too late to save Rover's family pack arriving just in time to watch them get executed in their cages as they prepared to clean up and leave no evidence behind. Rover sadden by what it witness became enraged running at the soldiers and attacking them held in check only by Hawkeye, during Rover's attack of the soldiers an alarm was raised leading for more soldiers to appear. Rover not dissuaded continued to savagely attack the soldiers, Hawkeye worried grabbed Rover and made a tactical retreat as they were completely overwhelmed escaping into the snow covered wilderness heading back into town to hide.

Upon arriving they saw the town had been burned down to the ground....


Rover was created by Chuck Dixon and Scott Kolins in 1994 and first appeared in Hawkeye # 1.


Rover possesses animal keen senses and superhuman physical attributes capable of moving speeds beyond the standard human, it possesses incredible constitution and healing factor allowing it to survive normally fatal wounds that a human could not. It has allowed it to recover within a day from multiple gunfire to it's torso.

Rover also possesses high animal intelligence capable of planning and coordinating attacks similar to a wolf on top of his animal intelligence it also appears to possesses near human like intelligence of that of a small child. It is able to draw basic cartoon like character to express itself since it is unable to communicate vocally with a human. It is also able to spell simple words like: "me, bullets".......

It appears that it might also be dyslexic inverting letters or it could simply be the result of a small child like mind freshly learning a nd struggling to understand.


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