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    Rover is one of the last Sentinels on Earth-15104. After 150 years of life, he has apparently become almost sentient. Companion to Tom Skylark, they join the ranks of the future X-Men to appose the Beast (who has been taken over by Sublime).

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    Since His appearance in the 4-part story "Here Comes Tomorrow" in the pages of New X-Men (2004). He also appears in 2 episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men wherein He is befriended by Marrow in the first, ("Badlands") and was killed by enhanced Sentinels (in "Rover") protecting Marrow and the Future X-Men.

    Other Media

    Rover appears in 2 episodes of Wolverine & The X-Men titled "Badlands" vol. 3 and "Rover" vol. 4. He is introduced as a future Sentinel reprogrammed by Polaris. He is then befriended by Marrow, but eventually is destroyed helping the future X-men escape from an assualt on a Sentinel headquarters.


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