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    Roulette is a incredibly sneaky, manipulative and devious villian who makes her money in many illegal rackets, most notably fighting tournaments involving metahumans. She is a formidable martial artist herself and can fight with the best.

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    Roulette is the owner of meta-human fight clubs where superhumans battle each other for sport. Her grandmother was the original Roulette who battled the original Mr. Terrific, while dating his brother Ned. As Veronica grew up she at some point learned of her legacies and came to believe Mr. Terrific to be her grandfather rather than granduncle and believed the current Mr. Terrific unworthy of the name, she then battled the JSA and it's members multiple times. Heroes that have died while battling in her ring are the third Firebrand, the first Maxi-Man, FlyBoy, Ram of the New Guardians, Pterodon, Behemoth, Gorgon, and Prometheus of The Hybrid and Impala of the Global Guardians.

    There is a wall dedicated to the fallen called Fallen Players of the House. A picture of Scirocco and Touch N' Go are on the wall. They have been seen as members of Circe's all female group.


    Roulette was created by Geoff Johns and Derec Aucoin, first appearing in JSA Secret Files #2, September 2001.

    Major Story Arcs

    Formerly Known as the Justice League

    For more information see: Formerly Known as the Justice League

    Roulette kidnaps the Superbuddies and takes them to The House. There with the aide of Mr. Kraken, Roulette pits brainwashed Captain Atom and Mary Marvel in a battle to the death. Fire is able to overcome her mind block and stops Mary from killing Atom. Once Mary breaks the mind control Roulette feels she has beaten the game and Roulette sends the Superbuddies home.

    Personal Information

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    • Status: Villain
    • Real Name: Victoria Sinclair
    • Occupation: Casino Owner
    • Base: The Nevada Desert
    • Height: 5ft 9in
    • Weight: 140lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Red

    Powers and Abilities

    Roulette is a skilled fighter, and reaps most of her money and influence by finding different ways to pit heroes against one another for public entertainment. She has no superhuman abilities, though she is apparently a genius at calculating odds.

    Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited

    Roulette in JLU
    Roulette in JLU

    Roulette appears in the animated series, Justice League Unlimited, in the episodes "The Cat and The Canary" and "Grudge Match". She owns the House, as she does in the comics. Most of the fighters in the house in JLU are meta-humans,such as Black Canary, Huntress and Fire.

    In "The Cat and The Canary", Black Canary is forced to fight her mentor Wildcat. Green Arrow steps in and fights Wildcat. In the end when the fight is over, Black Canary destroys The House.

    Roulette is a master manipulator
    Roulette is a master manipulator

    In "Grudge Match", Roulette and Sonar use his sound mastery to control many female members of the league and forces them to fight against each other. Uneasy allies Black Canary and Huntress eventually stop Roulette and become friends in the process.

    Roulette is voiced by Virginia Madsen.


    In Smallville
    In Smallville

    Roulette has made a few appearances on the live-action television show Smallville. She is named Victoria Sinclair instead of Veronica Sinclair.

    She met Green Arrow when he was down on his luck and gave him a red pill to swallow. However, the pill caused him to fall unconscious. When he awoke, Green Arrow found himself lying in a coffin. Roulette then helped him to escape, in the episode she is more of a mercenary than boss of any sort. At some point she joined a group named "Marionette Ventures", founded by Toyman and was given the task to eliminate Watchtower. A goal which she never fulfilled.

    Roulette was played by Steph Song.

    In Supergirl
    In Supergirl

    Roulette is a character on the live-action series Supergirl. Similar to other appearances, she hosts an illegal fight club, but in line with the series, the fights are between aliens. Supergirl manages to shut down her fight club, but she uses her connection to avoid charges. Unable to reopen her club, she began running a slave trading operation on an alien moon. When Supergirl and Mon-El get themselves sent to the planet where she was selling captives, they free her latest batch of victims, but she escapes. Roulette is played by Dichen Lachman.


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