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A group of armed and masked vigilantes called Rough Justice arrived in Gotham City and began using lethal force to prevent crime. Claiming to be inspired by Batman, they publicly declared their plan to do what the GCPD could not, wipe crime off the streets for good.

The group was formed after the death of Cody Kingdom. When the GCPD were unable to make any progress on Cody's death, his father Cole, uncle Frank, and friend TJ came to Gotham in hopes of finding the murderers. The men caught two burglars entering Cody's old apartment with a key. They brought Cody's friend Lonny, who had witnessed Cody's murder, to confirm that the burglars were in fact Cody's killers. Though Lonny was unable to establish that the men were Cody's killers, Mr. Kingdom took their use of the key to enter Cody's apartment as enough evidence and then beat the two men to death (later on Lonny revealed that the lock on the door was in sad shape and that most keys could have opened it).

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Unsatisfied with two deaths, Mr. Kingdom decided that Gotham needed to be taught a lesson to show the city that real justice was rough justice. Armed with large weapons and wearing bullet proof vests and masks, the four men adopted the name Rough Justice and began an apocalypse themed crusade of murdering criminals and tagging the corpses with spray paint. They later sent a tape to the media explaining their vigilante campaign.

Lonny, however, did not wish to participate in Mr. Kingdom's exploits but the group would not allow him to leave. When Batman encountered the group after they had executed two car thieves, he attempted apprehend them. During the skirmish, Lonny abandoned the group and went into hiding. Mr. Kingdom decided that their crusade needed funding so the trio began collecting donations from Gotham's upper class at gun point. They set their sites on Wayne Manor, and while unable to get a significant amount of funding, Cole discovered a journal Bruce Wayne was keeping that detailed his exploits as Batman. Cole leveraged the information against Bruce in order to extort a million dollars.

The blackmail attempt did not go well for Rough Justice. While Cole and TJ were at the drop to exchange the journal for the money, the GCPD arrived at Rough Justice's base of operations and ended up in a firefight with Frank. At the drop, Batman attempted to capture both TJ and Cole. Cole ended up shooting TJ and then jumped in front of a train to prevent being arrested by Batman. The firefight ended when Jim Gordon shot Frank dead. The GCPD detained Lonny and Rough Justice ended.


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