Rough Bunch

    Team » Rough Bunch appears in 4 issues.

    On occasion the heroes of the old west in the 19th century would band together, as the Rough Bunch.

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    In 1872 Tomahawk's brother-in-law Wise Owl became corrupt with the power of the time lost Swamp Thing. When he enslaved El Diablo he gained the attention of Johnny Thunder, Madame.44, Bat Lash who won Super Chief from Buffalo Bill and Black Bison. At the same time the team were forming Hawk and Firehair encounter Jonah Hex who is searching for Swamp Thing. Hawk possesses the Claw of Elk Hound which will free Swamp Thing.

    DC Animated Universe

    The Rough Bunch members Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, Pow Wow Smith (going by Ohyesa Smith) and El Diablo all appear in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Once and Future Thing part 1". Upon chasing Chronos to they year 1879, John Stewart, Batman and Wonder Woman team up with the Rough Bunch to take down Tobias Manning, who has been using Chronos' "time belt" to steal future technology and using it to rule the town of Elkhorn.


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