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    Rouge is an anti-hero that can change sides at any given time. She is a treasure hunter, and thief, and always hunts for rare gems such as chaos emeralds. At times, she seems to be close with Shadow the hedgehog.

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    Rouge is 18 years old in the newest Sonic games.


    • Height: 3'5"
    • Weight: Unknown


    Given she isn't your typical earthling (or Bat for that matter), Rouge has Super-human Strength, Speed, Durability, perception, and a few other abilities:

    Most of Rouge's Strength lies in the lower body, and given her raw power rivals that of Knuckles the Echidna, she boasts a deceptive amount of it. Rouge can perform devastating kicks that rip through conventional metals with ease, strike the ground so hard she causes small scale earthquakes, and burrow through the ground at blinding speeds by turning her body into a living steel drill. Along with heavy blows, Rouge's lower leg strength also affords her superhuman running speeds (at least 250+ MPH recorded so far) and the ability to compete with and defeat speedsters like Amy Rose.

    Rouge has powerful wings that allow her to fly 400 mph and she can carry a 2500+ lb Omega while flying (this, however, slows her down considerably).

    Rouge possess sharp nails which she uses as claws to scale walls and dig into the ground.

    Rouge has superhuman hearing and along with it, a deadly sound based technique. She has the ability to produce Ultrasonic screeches that are beyond human perception and either disorients or utterly drops opponents who are bombarded by it's sound.

    Rouge usually carries an assortment of weaponry, her equipment includes AI Bombs that follow opponents and hinder mobility, custom grenade level bombs, and heart shaped mines, among a few other items. She is also highly skilled in stealth tactics, knowing when to hide in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to move out or strike from the shadows. She is capable of sneaking on well trained ninjas without being perceived and can run at high speeds in near silence.

    Rouge is a knowledgable and capable fighter, mainly in the form of martial arts attacks involving the lower body. She was trained during her service to the government (including serving the President directly) on how to accurately use her strength and picked up many techniques. In combat ability her skill is sufficient to fight evenly with the powerhouse Knuckles the Echidna.


    Rouge is sometimes deceptive in her actions, due to her being a world renown thief. She loves a challenge and taunts those trying to pursue her. Despite being hard to trust, she has a sensitive side


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