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Rouge is 18 years old in the newest Sonic games.


  • Height: 3'5"
  • Weight: Unknown


Most of Rouge's strength lies in her lower body. She can perform devastating kicks and spins.

Rouge has wings that allow her to fly 400 mph and she can carry 1000 lbs. while flying also (This slows her down considerably).

Rouge has sharp fingernails which she uses as claws to scale walls and dig.

Rouge is also a good marksman with weaponry. She is also highly skilled in stealth tactics, knowing when to hide in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to move out or strike from the shadows

Rouge has some knowledge of unarmed combat, mainly in the form of martial arts attacks involving the lower body.


Rouge is sometimes deceptive in her actions, due to her being a well known thief. She loves a challenge and taunts those trying to pursue her. Despite being hard to trust, she has a sensitive side


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