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    Rotor is the former mechanic of the Freedom Fighters and former member of the Mobotopolis Restoration Committee. Rotor now serves as the field leader of Team Freedom.

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    When he was just a kid Rotors parents came to metropolis for new opportunities outside the heard lifestyle. His father was in the Great War and he told him war stories of the machinery he saw in action. Later on he and his family was torn apart due Robotniks takeover just like many other families.

    He became member of the Freedom Fighters to stop Robotnik. He used his engineering skills to aid the Freedom Fighters. He created many heavy weaponry and gadgets for them.

    When Sonic was in space, Rotor tried to make up when he was not around by building powerful weapons. Due to mishap of injuring allies he retired from being in the battlefield. He refuses to make lethal weapons afterward.

    When Knothole was being destroyed he saved tails from a collapsing ceiling and he was injured his back in the process. Although he regained most of his mobility he retired and became position of the Council of Acorn. He secretly wore nanite suit constructed by Nicole to save his herd.He resigned out protest when Naugus and council voted for Nicole to be exiled. He than became the leader of Team Freedom wearing the nanite suit.


    he was based of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic SATAM


    He is a brilliant inventor and created many weapon transportation. His nanite suit able to provides flight, laser cannons . As a walrus he is a great swimmer and above average strength


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