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Lin Rose Research, Rosslyn's fake company, are handing out cards to homeless people with offers of cash to partake in certain experiments. Marc Spector, posing as his friend, Crawley, enters the Lin Rose Research building. He recognises Rosslyn from his days working for The Company, but upon revealing his true identity, much to Rosslyn's surprise, is tranquillised by Aleister Ravenna from behind. Rosslyn has Marc implanted with one of Red Dragon's mind-control chips and set free. 
Rosslyn and Aleister are about the sacrifice Candace Calder in the name of Red Dragon, when Moon Knight breaks in. Rosslyn is able to take control of Moon Knight, however, a radio transmission from Frenchie negates the hold and Moon Knight is able to beat Rosslyn unconscious. Strangely, later on when outside, Rosslyn's body is dropped from the sky in front of Moon Knight and pronounced dead.

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