Rose Wilson first appeared in Deathstroke #15 in 1992, as the daughter of Lillian Worth, a Cambodian native who moved to New York and has a history with Slade Wilson. She would reappear later in Deathstroke the Hunted #0, #43, #44, and #45, and then again in Deathstroke #46, #47, and #48. She would make a few more sporadic appearances in the following years throughout the pages of Deathstroke, New Titans, and even a brief appearance in JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative.

Eventually, Rose would find herself in the pages of The Titans, starting with The Titans #26 where she became Lian Harper's nanny until the series ended at issue #50. In 2003, Rose appeared in Teen Titans #1/2, where her new foster family was murdered by her uncle, the villainous Wade DeFarge. She was subsequently taken in by her father, Deathstroke, and forced to become a killer for him. She would follow him as the new Ravager, making appearances some of the early issues of Teen Titans vol. 3, and later issues of Batgirl vol. 1 as a villain. It wasn't until she came under the tutelage of Nightwing in Nightwing #112-117 that she finally broke away from her father's control and began to pave her own path in life.

During One Year Later, Rose Wilson, still going by Ravager, joined with the Teen Titans, first appearing in issue #34. She would become a frequent mainstay in the series, though did have several instances where she left the team for brief periods. One such instance was when she left to join the Terror Titans and bring them down from the inside. She would later leave the team again and go on to star in her own back up feature, Fresh Hell, until returning to the team in Teen Titans #88, where she would appear until the series ended at issue #100.

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Early Years:

As Lian Harper's Nanny:

Under Deathstroke's Control:

Titans of Tomorrow Alternate Future:

Learning How to Be a Hero:

Joining the Teen Titans:

As Skill:

The Terror Titans:

Brief Return to the Teen Titans:

Back-up Feature:

Blackest Night Special:

Once Again A Teen Titan:

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