Ravager developing new powers?

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Is it possible that Ravager could ever develop other powers, the powers of her brother Jericho? Once she was able to do so, when seeing her father's future, she possessed someone's body in the future in order to see her father's future. Do you think that she could do this again, or make this part of her permanent powers?

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She's a precog, Jericho is not. I don't see why she would have his powers if he lacks hers.

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@JediXMan: But she has been able to do something similar before, but it was a combination of her powers and Joey's, as I mentioned originally
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@Jacquenette_Harper: It wasn't a possession thing she did. It was an out of body experience. There's a difference :)
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@Crazy Pan
Well technically it was both considering that she possesed someone elses body dueing her "jump" 
However personally if she were going to get a power boost/maturation I think she has shown the most predelection for: 
1-Precognition (increased range and duration): recal her first fight with Cassandra Cain 
2-astral projection/remote viewing (a controlled out of body experience in the hands of Deathstroke's daughter...oh the people she could spy on)  
3- Possession- a power to match her manipulative personality 
The ones I would really like her to have but seem very unlikely:    
1- Telepathy: she likes to play mindgames what could she do with the ability to read your mind 
2-Telekinesis- Deathstroke's daughter with the ability to bust hell wide open with her mind... any questions. 
Ultimately my thoughts are this: What do you think the soldiers in afghanistan would do with psychic powers, especially one with a predelection for violence such as Rose (Deathstroke was a Major in the US Army and he trained her so it is a similar comparison). Comics are filled with many high level psionics, but how many of them are actually battlehardened extensively versed in combat and are not afraid to go lethal. Ravager would be like Scarlet "lite" (G I Joe) with Psylocke's powers; you still get your butt kicking and instead of a crossbow or an assault rifle she could use psychic powers. Though in all honesty she would probaly still keep the swords.        

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