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    Formerly the immortal Spirit of Murder, Rose was capable of killing anything and anyone, (even "unkillable" and already dead, spirits). She was turned into the Spirit of Life by The Doctor and served as a member of the Authority for a short while, until an encounter with Henry Bendix drove her back to becoming the Spirit of Murder.

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    Early Life

    Rose was part of the High's team the Changers in the 1960's. She would meet a young Henry Bendix and he felt love at first sight. Any thing that happened in between those years and when she was


    first recently seen. She appeared in Sicily Italy, she had formed an altar of dead bodies with lit candles in them. During the 1990's Bendix asked her to join him and his team Stormwatch after some roster changes. She was apart of the sub team Stormwatch Red along with Fahrenheit and Flint. One of her earliest missions was to kill 233 people on Gamorra island as payback for Kaizen Gamorra killing 233 people in a plane crash. At one point in time she slept with a guard at Stormwatch and he was driven insane for some unknown reason. Soon her former team the Changers brought their plan into action and announced that they intended to remove all governments and country borders and form a utopia were everyone could provide for themselves. This however contradiction to what Bendix wanted and he used his Stormwatch team to fight against them. He ordered her to kill two members of the group Eidolon and Smoke while they were negotiating with Stormwatch. Jack Hawksmoor then snapped her neck 360 degrees to stop her.


    However due to the fact she was just a spirit she could not truly be killed and in 2004 she found a new body. She joined Henry Bendix in his attempt to overthrow the Authority from their control on America. She killed the Doctor by having sex with him and then introducing a massive overdose of heroin through her fluids. Bendix then imprisoned his soul as well as the new Doctor, but the Jenny Quantum found out and reformed the team after freeing both Doctors. During the battle with the group the new Doctor used his powers to rewrite her nature and made her the Spirit of Life now.Some time later a secret bunker used by Bendix had been found by Stormwatch and the Authority wanted it's secrets as well. The arrived there and found that it was operated by a digital version of Bendix himself. It attacked the team with zombie like clones of the Secret Stormwatch team made up of Apollo, Midnighter, Crow Jane, Lamplight, Amaze, Impetus, and Stalker. The program was able to inspire her to go back to her killing ways. The program then generated a new body with the conjoined powers of everyone present. However his recently revealed son William was able to get her to turn on him and destroy him, her body and the building in the process. However she found herself a new form in the body of a women named Shawna who is preparing to kill her husband.

    New Suicide Squad - New 52

    Rose Tattoo is summoned by Deathtrap. She kills Hellslayer and Hunky Punk during her first murdering rampage. She seemingly dies along with El Diablo (Santana) as they both destroy each other leaving the imprint of a flaming skull. Rose Tattoos' is a spirit so her physical form she inhabits actually dies. El Diablo battles Rose Tattoo and sends both of them to Hell.


    As the Spirit of murder she could kill anyone with any weapon and she often made her own. Due to being a spirit she could not be truly killed and only the body she possessed died. If so she would simply take over another molding it to her personal specifications however the amount of time it takes her to do so is questionable. After she was killed by Jack Hawksmoor she hadn't been seen for years, but after her most recent death she was seen in a new body almost immediately. She also has incredible aim and never misses. After her transformation she now deals with her foes by sleeping with them. She also has a solid white eye for some reason and it should be known that after her death at Jack's hands he became a frequent killer.She was briefly the Spirit of Life (with healing powers) but upon her latest death and reincarnation, she reverted back to being the Spirit of Murder.


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