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As children, Richard and Rose were to be sacrificed by a Satanic cult to the Demon Koth on New Year's Eve in 1899 before being rescued by a member of a mystical group knows as "the Seven". Recognizing the magic potential in both the children, the Seven named them Richard Occult and Rose Psychic and trained them in the ways of magic, even granting Richard the powerful Mystic symbol of the Seven.


First appearing in the October 1935 issue of New Fun #6, created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. Her backstory was expanded upon by Roy Thomas.

Character Evolution

In the original golden age stories, Rose was simply a childhood friend and assistant to Dr. Occult's private detective firm. It was in later retcons she was given a more equal role along side Dr. Occult as being raised by the Seven.

In the Neil Gaiman's mini-series, The Books of Magic, Rose was revived, this time as a female identity of Dr. Occult. The two acted as feminine and masculine versions of the same soul. Later stories explained that Rose had bonded their souls together after Dr. Occult died during a battle.

Major Story Arcs

The Books of Magic

Rose reveals herself when Dr. Occult steps through the portal into the world of Faerie with Tim Hunter, guiding him in the ways of magic. The two forms of Dr. Occult switch depending on the situation at hand.

Vertigo Visions: Doctor Occult

The demon Koth returns once again and seduce, Rose, tearing Dr. Occult's two personalities apart. Dr. Occult has to race against time to figure out how to return himself the way he was before he dies.

Reign In Hell

During the main back-up story of the mini-series, Dr.Occult traveled to Hell to find Rose. He conjured up the Yellow Peri as a spirit guide and caused her to lose her legs from the knee down. They found Rose helping the Purgatory based group to conquer Hell. She chose to stay in Hell on her own accord, condemning her soul to eternal damnation. Dr. Occult would later leave Hell for his own plane of existence.

New 52

In DC Universe Presents #1, Deadman consults a former friend and circus psychic named Madame Rose. It is possible this is the same character, but little detail is given.


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