Rose Fritz

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    Rose Fritz was the second daughter of the founding Titan, Ymir

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    Rose Fritz was a short girl with shoulder-length blonde hair and looked similar to her mother, Ymir


    Around 2,000 years ago, Rose Fritz was born to the king of Eldia, Fritz, and his slave and concubine Ymir, the first of the Titans, alongside her two sisters Maria and Sheena. When her mother died after an assassination attempt on the Fritz King, immediately after her death, Rose and her sisters were forced to eat their mother's corpse on the orders of their father in order to prevent the power of the Titans from being lost. It worked and she acquired the power of the Titans as did her sisters. She presumably aided her father's expansion of the Eldian Empire, and on his death bed was instructed to have as many children as possible and upon her own death, allow her spine to be eaten by her children so that her powers can be passed on, and that the process would be repeated again and again as the family line continued so Eldia could reign over the world.


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