Character » Rosalyn appears in 22 issues.

    Calvin's babysitter and probably the only person he fears.

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    Rosalyn is a high school senior desperate to pay for college, even if that includes babysitting Calvin. She is the only means that Calvin's Mom & Calvin's Dad can leave the house and have a romantic evening. Rosalyn has a boyfriend named "Charlie".

    Swimming Lessons

    Once, when Calvin's mom took him to get swimming lessons, Calvin met Rosalyn when she wasn't his babysitter, instead she was his swimming teacher. While Calvin didn't pull off anything crazy, he did complain about the whole thing until he left; but after seeing Calvin's reaction to her Bill kept her and made her Calvin's only babysitter. Calvin never went to swimming lessons after this encounter.

    What She has Been Through

    Babysitting Calvin is difficult and Rosalyn has faced many challenges.

    • Fighting Stupendous Man
    • Playing Calvinball
    • Outsmarting Calvin when he held her science notes hostage
    • Getting locked outside until Calvin's parents came home
    • Standing in the rain when Calvin could open the door because "it was jammed"

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