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    A violent, noir detective/anti-hero and the chief protagonist of the "Watchmen" series. With a black-and-white worldview and an uncompromising moral code, Rorschach is well-known among criminals as the terror of the underworld.

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    The son of a prostitute and an unknown father, the young Walter Kovacs was raised in poverty. Physically and emotionally abused by his mother and occasionally by her johns, he was removed from her care following an incident in which he severely injured two bullies. He was placed in a children's home, where he thrived and remained until age 16, when he became a garment worker. Deeply affected by the murder of Kitty Genovese, he fashioned some cast-off material into a mask and became the masked crime-fighter Rorschach. He continued as a relatively benign hero for several years, working occasionally with Nite Owl, until he was involved in the investigation into the kidnapping of a young girl. Spending several days investigating, Rorschach found that the child had been murdered and fed to dogs shortly before he arrived. Horrified, he killed the dogs and burned the killer to death. This event galvanized his instability, driving him to forever abandon his identity as Kovacs, and to describe the Rorschach identity as his true self.


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    Rorschach was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. He made his first appearance in Watchmen #1. He is closely based on the comic book characters The Question and Mr A.

    Major Story Arcs

    Before Watchmen

    Investigating an organized criminal operation dealing primarily in drugs and prostitution, Rorschach is beaten and left for dead. Severely wounded, he is committed to a hospital by the waitress at the Gunga Diner. He continues to hunt for the gang, while developing a tentative relationship with the waitress. During a citywide blackout he is captured by the gang, but manages to escape following the deaths of both the leader, at the hands of a mob, and his second-in-command, who is killed by a tiger. Later, he joins forces with Nite Owl, and becomes involved in an investigation into missing and murdered prostitutes. Simultaneously, he is working for a reverend, who is ultimately revealed to be the culprit. He is captured and nearly burned to death by the reverend, but rescued by Nite Owl. He stabs the reverend through the chest with his picket sign, declaring that it had to be done.


    Enter: Rorschach.
    Enter: Rorschach.

    Following the murder of Edward Blake whom he soon discovers to be the Comedian, Rorschach becomes increasingly obsessed with unraveling the web of conspiracy that surrounds him and the mystery which continues to permeate the lives of the former masked heroes. He begins warning fellow masked heroes that he believes a masked killer is operating and may target them next, though most brush him off. He visits the home of former villain Edgar Jacobi, who explains that a distraught Blake had visited him a week previously.

    Following Dr. Manhattan's self-exile after allegations that he gave those close to him cancer, Rorschach becomes further convinced of a sinister plot. This view is strengthened when Adrian Veidt is the target of an assassination attempt. He receives a note apparently from Jacobi requesting a meeting so he can provide Rorschach with further information. Rorschach goes, only to find that Jacobi has been murdered and somebody has set him up. He is sent to prison and remains there for some time before using a riot, and subsequent attempt by a former enemy to seek revenge, to escape. His escape is aided by Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Juspeczyk. Together with Dreiberg, he visits several sources seeking information. Along the way, unraveling the nature of the conspiracy including the revelation that Veidt had been orchestrating events all along.

    Rorschach's End.
    Rorschach's End.

    After posting his journal to a newspaper, Rorschach and Dreiberg travel to Veidt's headquarters in Antarctica. There, he and Dreiberg confront the man and he easily bests them in physical combat. Veidt is able to convince all the gathered heroes to allow his plot to fake an alien invasion of New York to continue, but Rorschach refuses to compromise. He attempts to leave the compound and reveal Veidt's actions, but is stopped by Dr. Manhattan. Still unwilling to compromise, he demands that Dr. Manhattan kill him, which he does.

    Doomsday Clock

    Sometime after the events of the Faux New York Alien Invasion, a new Rorschach appeared, breaking a couple of criminals, Mime and Marionette, out of prison. He drives the couple over to Nite Owl's base of operations where it is revealed that this new Rorschach was working with Ozymandias, who has been a fugitive after his role in the fake alien invasion was exposed to the world, albeit reluctantly. Veidt then reveals to the three new arrivals that they needed to locate Dr. Manhattan.

    Alternate Versions

    The Question

    The character of Rorschach is heavily based on the Question, which has lead to an interesting feedback loop in which depictions of Question subsequent to Watchmen's publication have displayed Rorschach-like behaviour. Rorschach appears as a fictional character in an issue of the Question's series.

    Kingdom Come

    A version of Rorschach appears briefly in a metahuman club alongside The Question and Obsidian.


    Rorschach makes a cameo appearance in this series.


    Rorschach, referred to as Spottyman, appears as a major character in this parody comic.

    Darkwing Duck

    A version of Darkwing Duck physically resembling Rorschach appears during the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings storyline.

    Astonishing X-Men

    Rorschach makes a cameo appearance in this Marvel comic as a person present during a riot.

    Powers and Abilities

    Escape Artist.
    Escape Artist.

    Rorschach possesses no superhuman powers or abilities. He is in excellent physical condition, and is a skilled gymnast and acrobat. He is a pragmatic and efficient hand-to-hand combatant, with extensive training and experience in boxing and street combat. He is very resourceful, and has demonstrated a particular gift for improvising weaponry. He is stoic and unmoved by pain or physical discomfort, and has a very strong will which enables him to shake off or ignore exhaustion or wounds. He is very intelligent and a gifted tactician which is heightened by his mental instability, and thus unpredictability as an opponent. He has demonstrated great competency in espionage, infiltration, interrogation, and investigation.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Weapons Improvisation.
    Weapons Improvisation.

    Rorschach wears an ever-shifting mask of black and white liquids trapped between two layers of latex. He carries a grappling gun which he uses to scale buildings.


    Walter Kovacs
    Walter Kovacs
    • Height: 5'6"
    • Weight: 140 lbs.
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Red
    • Citizenship: American
    • Identity: Public identity
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Place of Birth: New York
    • Place of Death: Antarctica
    • Base of Operations: New York City

    Other Media


    The Mindscape of Alan Moore

    Rorschach appears briefly in this documentary film about his creator. He is voiced by Alan Moore.

    Watchmen: The Motion Comic

    Rorschach appears as a main character in this motion comic adaptation of the series. He is voiced by Tom Stechschulte


    Rorschach appears as the main character in this feature film adaptation of the series. Some changes are made to the character and his actions in the movie, but it largely remains true to the comic. He is portrayed by Eli Snyder as a child, and by Jackie Earle Haley as an adult.

    Video Games

    Watchmen: The End is Nigh

    Rorshach appears alongside Nite Owl as a playable character in this video game, which is set during their partnership in 1977. Jackie Earle Haley reprises the role.

    Web Original

    Saturday Morning Watchmen

    Rorschach appears as one of the main characters in this animated parody of the Watchmen. He is voiced by Harry Partridge.

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