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A journalist of the highest caliber, his dedication to the truth is unshakeable.

Major Story Arcs

Marvel Comics Continuity

Generation 2

Rook is a second generation Transformer serving under Jhiaxus in the Cybertronian Empire.

See also Rook

3H Productions

Universe Continuity

Rook served as a war correspondent during the Autobot/Decepticon war, refusing to side with either faction and presenting each soldier as an individual with a story to tell.

Rook played a pivotal role during the Autobot siege of a Decepticon fortress on the Mithril Sea. Rook secretly convinced both factions to withdraw from the area, a move that spared countless lives on both sides.

He soon found himself reporting on the final days of the Quintesson invasion. Broadcasting live from Mount Megatron, Rook attempted to get an interview with Cheetor and Devcon, but only managed to attract Nightscream.

Rook also broadcasted live from Memorial Spaceport as five of Cybertron's greatest heroes returned home after the planet's conversion. He also found himself covering the disappearance of those same heroes following their abduction by Unicron and their return a short while later.

Fun Publications

Shattered Glass

"Shattered Glass" Rook

In the Shattered Glass Continuity Rook is an evil Autobot reporter. Spreading lies and propaganda instead of the truth. He runs a popular show called "Around Cybertron" with the help of his co-reporter Punch and his camera-bot Sprocket.


  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Alt-Modes: Sports Car "Firebird"

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