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Rook is the Mini-Con partner to Sideways, servant to Unicron. His job is to serve as a spy and saboteur, and sow discontent among the Mini-Cons. Originally an Autobot and Sideways' helmet they switched sides to Unicron, and then Rook became Sideways' shoulders. Rook is never alone as he is one half of the combined mini-con Mirror with Crosswise.

Major Story Arcs

Marvel Comics Continuity

Generation 2

Rook is a second generation Transformer serving under Jhiaxus in the Cybertronian Empire

Dreamwave Continuity

Transformers: Armada

Powers and Abilities


  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Alt-Modes: Helmet/Shoulders

Other Media


Transformers: Armada (2007)


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