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A lavishly illustrated, 6 issue mini series, Ronin was the first DC project to utilise the prestige format (glossy paper with cardstock covers) and proved to be one of the most influential works of its time. A cinematic blending of words and pictures. the science - fiction epic was written and drawn by Frank Miller, a popular comic artist already known for pushing the envelope of visual story telling in the pages of Marvel's Daredevil. A precursor to Miller's ground breaking work in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and many more graphic novel that followed, Ronin was no less innovating and interesting.

Ronin chronicled the adventures of a heroic masterless samurai from feudal Japan, who was possibly just a construct of the vivid imagination of a psychotic idiot savant living in a dystopian future. The comic is an unusual blend of the influences on Miller by French cartoonist Moebius and Japanese Manga Comic Books, and contained themes and plot elements familiar to Miller's work such as cannibalism, sewer denizens, leather clad Nazi gang members and love and sex in the midst of violence.

This starts with the demon Agat killing Lord Ozaki. Lord Azaki had an apprentice but now he is a Ronin. Later the Ronin is reincarnated into Billy Challas, a man born limbless with telekinis powers. He has been having dreams about the Ronin. Agat follows the Ronin into the Dystopian New York. The Ronin has sworn to kill Agat because he killed his master, Lord Azaki. In this 6 issue mini series it follows the Ronin as he has to kill Agat.

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