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    Ronin is a character that appears in the IDW Cobra series. She first appeared in Cobra II #1 and was hired by Hawk to retrieve Chuckles during his undercover op as a member of Cobra.

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    Ronin first appeared in issue #1 of the IDW series G.I. Joe: Cobra, vol.2. Not much information is given on her history, but General Hawk hires her to retrieve Chuckles from a COBRA prison after his undercover op to find out information about Cobra fails. Hawk tells her many qualities that made her the right candidate for the position, such as her infiltration skills, assassination techniques, irregular training "in the garden", but mostly her strong resemblance to Jinx. She was first given the code name Chameleon before choosing Ronin.


    Ronin was created by Mike Costa and Christos N. Gage in 2010.

    Character Evolution

    After being enlisted by General Hawk, Ronin begins her mission and infiltrates the Cobra prison where Chuckles is being held. She fails several times in bringing Chuckles home and instead decides to leave him in the field as he wants to carry out his mission. She instead brings back Erika Le Tene, who escapes from Cobra and wants to defect to G.I. Joe

    In her short stint in the series, Ronin shows she is skilled, resourceful, and tenacious. She even has a heated discussion with General Hawk about how much she disagrees with what he does and how he conducts his operations. Despite her abilities, she is disgusted with the whole concept of G.I. Joe and quits the team after her rescue mission.

    Ronin is later re-recruited by G.I. Joe because of her skill set and given her new code name.

    Major Story Arcs



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