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If we could move a little faster, I am sure no one would complain.

Remember how I said in the review of the first issue that there was a Nazi gang in New york? Yeah, I made a mistake, that's actually in this this issue. That's actually pretty much the only thing that happens here. Sure, the barely defined goverment(?) prepare and talk for awhile and we see the demon one more time. The thing is, that just isn't enough for a whole issue, it felt like half an issue at best.

On the flip side the art seems to be getting even worse. I do wonder why someone decided to let Miller illustrate the book? I mean someone should of at some point told him "Dude, we're going to have to get someone else do do the art for this" I didn't mind it that much in the last issue but this time it was just bad.

So we have a all around poorly illustrated Nazi gang beating the crap out of our Samurai hero, the goverment(?) squad thing practically sitting on their hands for a while, and then we get to see more of the demon, Agat. I do have high hopes that the next couple of issues get better, but this wasn't good at all, especially when compared to the last issue.

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