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Frank Miller's other, other good work.

Out of all of Frank Miller's is either loved and considered pure genius (Daredevil, DKR, Year one...) or though to be so terrible it's not worthy of being used as toilet paper (DKSA, Holy Terror, All Star Batman). Before I even started to write this review I looked to see how much of Miller's work I have read, and the weird thing is, I have actually read most of it. My only real omissions are Sin City, and his Elektra with Sienkiewicz. That's both a pleasant surprise and rather perplexing since I thought the would of done a lot more work given his reputation.

Anyway, on to the title on hand Ronin. It's kind of odd, and I will be reviewing it issue by issue. Miller's writing is pretty good, the dialogue sounds about right but the characters are kind of weird. The main one who becomes a Ronin after losing his master to a demon was like really clingy/needy and had no personality outside of "I WILL FOLLOW YOU, MASTER!" then we switch to an apocalyptic New York that is in itself really, really weird. It also has a nazi gang, because every New york (even the ones on the verge of total destruction.) need a nazi gang leader. He has a couple of neat Sci-fi ideas mixed with a neatish feudal Japan one. If anything, it'll get you to want to read the next issue either way.

The worst part about this book is most definitely the art, also by Miller. It looks like Miller decided EVERYTHING NEEDS EXTRA LINES!!!111!!!1!1111 and goes nuts with it. So the people look kind of weird, but the city and general atmosphere thrives for it. The coloring is really good, which helps a lot at times.

To give you an idea of what I mean about the art here's my favorite page of the first issue (I could only find it as a cover though)
To give you an idea of what I mean about the art here's my favorite page of the first issue (I could only find it as a cover though)

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