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Weird ending, yet, amazing.

This is regarded as a milestone in the comicdom, due to it's "date-wise" Improved style of inking, coloring and printing, i read it sometime ago but i still remember clearly those panels, Mad Max-like, decadent yet heroic, Frank Miller knew what he was doing back in those days (now he just sucks) DC published some real stuff back in the 80s when Julius Schwartz was the VP editor-in-chief. Ronin is quite long and dense, immersive due to it's drawing style, Lynn Varley was in tip-top shape when she decided to color this graphic novel. (now, read Dark Knight Strikes Again and you'll watch some of the most horrifying panels ever colored) Ronin is about late revenge, honor and dishonor merged with a dystopic future setting Miller is famous for. (E.G. Dark Knight Returns)


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